10 Secrets to Doing Well in CNA Training

cna trainingCNA Training

Think you’re ready for CNA training? While these classes aren’t all about getting a good grade, it’s an important part of it. After all, the classroom section of your CNA training is just as essential to future patient care as the clinical or lab part of the courses. So, how do you ensure you score the highest on every quiz and make the most of your time?

Being Successful in CNA Training

  1. Take Charge- It’s your responsibility to ensure you make time to study and do the homework your CNA training instructor assigns. You aren’t in high school anymore, so step up!
  2. Don’t Overload- Trying to work, get through CNA training, and be a full time parent may be easy for some people, but if it’s not for you, consider other options. Maybe you need to hire a babysitter a few nights a week so you can get out of the house to study, or maybe you need to reduce your hours at work.
  3. Plan- Don’t just assume you’ll magically figure out when and how to study for your CNA training class. Make a plan and stick to it.
  4. Attend- You aren’t going to learn if you don’t show up.
  5. Take Notes- It doesn’t matter if it’s sloppy or only you can understand what it says, bring a notepad to class and always take notes on everything your CNA training instructor says. You never know what might be important.
  6. Take Practice Tests- Before your CNA training exam, take as many practice tests as you possibly can. When the actual day comes, you’ll be ready for anything that gets thrown at you.
  7. Avoid the Internet- When you’re actually in CNA training, study what is given to you by your instructor. Your textbooks, notes, and time spent in the lab will be a more accurate way of preparing for any quizzes, exams, and your certification test. Relying on the internet for information could be a bad choice, especially if the information you gather isn’t as accurate as you think.
  8. Speak to Your Instructor- If you’re having trouble, or simply want to brush up on some skills, don’t hesitate to speak to instructor of your class. That’s what they are there for! They can help you understand difficult issues and possibly pair you up with others in the class who need help studying as well.
  9. Go the Extra Mile- Notice that your textbook has its own quizzes or chapter questions that your CNA training instructor didn’t assign you to do? Do them anyway. They’ll help you remember the content you read better and help you understand what you’re studying.
  10. Believe in Yourself- A positive attitude goes a long way in helping you achieve success. When you’re taking a CNA training class, believe in yourself. Remember why you started down this career path in the first place and don’t let negative thoughts get in your way.

Want to score the highest on quizzes, homework, and exams so you can become the medical professional you’ve always wanted to be?

Achieve success by following these tips for CNA training.

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