10 Steps to Boost Your CNA Training State Exam Score

cna trainingCNA Training

When you finally complete your CNA training, you may feel as if you are on top of the world. Nothing can stop you from living your dreams now and caring for the patients you have been trained to care for. There is one thing standing in your way, however: the CNA training state exam.


As you know, the exam you have to take at the end of your CNA training consists of two separate parts. The first part is the written test, where you will complete multiple choice questions about the information you learned throughout your CNA training. The second part is the clinical test, where you will perform three different skills in front of a state examiner, who will watch you carefully and give you a score based on your performance. When you correctly perform a part of a skill, the examiner will increase your score. If you make a mistake, your score will go down.


So, how do you make sure you get the best score possible during your CNA training state exam? While practice makes perfect, there are a few things you should keep in mind both while you are studying for the test and while you are performing the skills in front of your examiner.


Boosting Your CNA Training State Test Score


  • Always remember to clean and put away every tool or object you use, if it doesn’t need to be thrown away when you are done with it. Pay attention to where each object belongs and how to clean it properly during your CNA training.


  • If you need to set something down on a surface, such as a table, counter, or the floor, make sure you protect the surface with a regular towel or paper towel. This is necessary for infection control after CNA training.


  • Always talk to your patient and provide comfort; ask them how they feel today and if they understand the procedure you will be performing. This is an essential part of becoming a CNA.


  • If you are going to moving or transferring a patient, always make sure the patient is wearing shoes or non skid socks. This will help to prevent falls and keep your patient safe after CNA training.


  • Always adjust the bed to working height when you are caring for bed bound patients. This is done to protect your back from injury and keep you safe while caring for patients.


  • Take the necessary steps to keep your patient safe. If you need them to roll away from you, be sure the bed rail is up to keep them from falling, or if you are walking with them, make sure to use a gait belt.


  • Maintain your patient’s privacy at all times by shutting curtains, closing doors, and keeping patients as covered as possible. During your exam, you may need to verbally tell your state examiner that you would close the curtain or door if one is not available.


  • Always be sure to check a patient’s clothing, sheet, and your gait belt to make sure they aren’t too tight. This can not only cause skin tears, but can restrain the patient and prevent movement.


  • Don’t rush the patient. Allow them to move gently and slowly throughout the procedure so you can protect their skin and keep them safe.


  • Before you leave a patient’s room during your CNA training state exam, make sure the bed is lowered, the side rails on the bed are up, and the call button is within the patient’s reach.



By following these simple tips, you can easily obtain an excellent score on your CNA training exam.

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