10 Things Your Patients Want You to Know After CNA Training

cna trainingCNA Training

After CNA training, you will quickly become used to working with a variety of patients. Each one will be different, with their own personality, health issues, and needs. As a CNA, you will be expected to treat each one with respect and provide the best care you can for them.

While patients will often let you know what they need in the moment, they don’t always voice their overall needs; they simply expect or hope that you understand. While this can be difficult after CNA training, understanding those unvoiced, but necessary needs, is a big part of being successful as a CNA. Let’s take a look at what your patients really want you to know.

After CNA Training: What Your Patients Really Want to Say

  1. You don’t have to be perfect, but I do expect you to be reliable.
  2. I know you’re human; you don’t always have to be in a good mood when you come into my room. However, I do want you to treat me with respect and be professional throughout the entire process.
  3. I don’t need you to feel my pain, but I would like for you to understand what I’m feeling so you can report any changes to my nurse.
  4. You don’t have to talk the entire time you’re in my room after CNA training. Sometimes I just need you to be aware of me, listen to my words, and look at me.
  5. Talking loud is not only unnecessary, but sometimes unwanted. There are times when I’ll be sleepy, slow, or disoriented because of medication. I would much rather have you hold my hand and smile.
  6. I don’t care how successful you were during CNA training, as long you are at the top of your game now. Understand my needs, take care of them, and make sure my nurse is up to date on everything.
  7. I don’t care what you look like. Your hair can be messed up, and you can come to work without any makeup on. I won’t mind as long as you spend your time focused on me and not your appearance.
  8. I want you to take a break and each lunch. I understand that you must take care of yourself after CNA training in order to properly take care of me.
  9. While my condition may be serious, that doesn’t always mean I want to be serious all the time. I like to laugh and walk on the lighter side. Join me.
  10. I may not be able to speak or move, may be old, and may even be at death’s door, but I hope when you look at me you appreciate life, regardless of how fragile it is. I know I did.

Caring for Patients After CNA Training

When caring for a patient after CNA training, always be present. Be aware of their thoughts, their feelings, and their needs. They may not always tell you exactly what they need, and they shouldn’t have to. After CNA training, you should be able to put yourself in their shoes and understand the type of care they not only want to receive, but deserve to receive. Keep this in mind for every patient you care for after CNA training.

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