15 Lessons You’ll Learn During Your First Year After CNA Training

cna trainingCNA Training

As we discussed yesterday, it can be overwhelming being the new kid who has just completed CNA training and is starting out at new medical facility. Time, patience, and a lot of continued CNA training can help you overcome fears, learn new things, and remember what you have been taught.

So, what exactly will you learn during that first year of work after CNA training? The answers may surprise you.


 What You Will Learn After CNA Training

  1. No matter what, you never- EVER- refer to a shift as being “calm,” “slow,” or “quiet.” This is simply asking for things to go crazy.
  2. After CNA training, never say, “I have no idea what the last shift was talking about; patient A hasn’t had a bowel movement since I got here.” In an hour you will be regretting that statement.
  3. Patients die, and it is okay to be sad about it. Although we are supposed to keep a professional distance, it is still difficult when you lose a patient you cared about.
  4. The last shift and the shift after you are not your enemies. They can help you, and you can help them give the best care possible to the patients in your facility.
  5. It’s okay to say, “I don’t know,” as long as you make a point to find out.
  6. Charting is everything after CNA training. Don’t try to get around it.
  7. Life after CNA training will not be like an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Scrubs, or ER.
  8. Sedated and brain-damaged patients may still be able to hear you. Treat your patients with respect- ALWAYS.
  9. It is always difficult to lose a patient, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid. Patients should not die alone; if they do not have family, be there for them.
  10. After CNA training, you are going to be surrounded by stomach turning odors. These can easily be combated with a bit of vapor rub under your nose. If you have to wear a mask, you can also combat smells by putting a tea bag in your mask before putting it on.
  11. It is entirely normal to wake up in bed during your first year after CNA training because you thought you heard a call light going off.
  12. Don’t skimp on the shoes you buy. No matter what they cost, they will be worth their weight in gold at the end of a long shift.
  13. Ask for help when you need it and help others who ask as well.
  14. When cleaning your stethoscope with a bleach wipe, always make sure to let it dry before draping it around your neck again. If you forget, the tell-tale bleached spot on your scrubs will ensure you never forget again.
  15. If you have the chance to learn something new through continued CNA training, jump at it! Don’t let new ideas and lessons scare you; they can help you move forward in your career.

Your first year may be tough, but there are many things you will learn to help you succeed after CNA training.

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