20 Behaviors to Avoid After CNA Training

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When you are working in a medical facility after CNA training, you don’t have to be friends with every coworker you have. However, you do need to respect them and be able to get along well enough to work with them. While you might think you are a picture-perfect co-worker, did you know that you might actually have a few bad behaviors that are not only annoying those you work with, but ticking them off?

After CNA training, make sure you aren’t doing any of these things, so you and your coworkers can concentrate on caring for the patients in your medical facility.

20 Bad Behaviors to Avoid After CNA Training

  1. Ordering food for yourself, or making a run to the store during your shift for a meal, and failing to ask any of your co-workers if they would like you to pick something up for them as well.
  2. Always having to put in your two cents after CNA training- even when you aren’t asked.
  3. Avoiding as much work as possible, even to the point where you hide in a corner when you finish your tasks so you aren’t available to help anyone else.
  4. Making your fellow CNAs wait because you decided you needed an extra 5 or 10 minutes of break time.
  5. Complaining about the hall assignment you are given after CNA training.
  6. Complaining about the patients you are expected to care for after CNA training.
  7. Failing to arrive to work on time.
  8. Giving only a partial report at the end of your shift so you can get out of the facility as quickly as possible.
  9. Leaving tasks for the next shift to do, when you had plenty of time to complete them.
  10. Failing to wash your scrubs after CNA training, bathe often, or wear deodorant.
  11. Calling in sick on a weekend or holiday.
  12. Carrying your cell phone with you and taking personal calls when you are supposed to be working.
  13. Disappearing from your hall without informing anyone where you are going.
  14. Always needing to take a bathroom break, as soon as something messy, time-consuming, or important needs to be done.
  15. Refusing to do anything when your daily tasks are completed, like straightening up the dining hall, cleaning the CNA desk, or refilling patient glasses with ice.
  16. Refusing to help teach new CNAs who have just completed CNA training the ropes.
  17. Gossiping about your co-workers and others.
  18. Bringing guests to work, or allowing them to visit you, and assuming they won’t be in the way.
  19. Failing to complete all of your paperwork, or filling it out with incorrect information.
  20. Complaining about the CNA or nurse you are asked to work with.

Avoiding Bad Behaviors After CNA Training

If you want to be successful after CNA training, you have to learn to get along with your co-workers. This means you need to be sure you are always doing what you can to avoid these top 20 bad behaviors after CNA training.

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