3 Common Errors After CNA Training

CNA TrainingCNA Training

To err is human, or so it is said, but when you finish CNA training, can you really afford to make any type of mistake? After all, patients lives are in your hands. Unfortunately, at one time or another, you are going to do just that; most of the time you may not even notice you actually made a mistake at all. This is because no harm came from it or because someone else caught it before any harm was done.


What about those big mistakes though? The ones they warn you about in CNA training, the reason they drill all of those important skills into your head each and every day? When you finish CNA training, what mistakes should you actually be looking for so you can avoid them?


Mistakes After CNA Training


  • Logging Out- These days, most hospitals and medical facilities have made the switch to more modern technology, meaning you may have to deal with a computer when you are charting a patient’s input and output and any changes you have noticed in their mood or behavior after CNA training. While the process may seem complicated at first, you will eventually get the hang of it and become comfortable with this new system. That’s when mistakes happen. Being relaxed is all well and good for many tasks, but when it comes to charting, you have to be on your toes. Always make sure your coworker didn’t forget to log out by verifying you are actually charting under your username, double check patient IDs so you know you are charting for the correct patient, and always log out when you are done so no one can see your patient’s private information.


  • Patient’s Armband- In hospitals, where patients come and go frequently, you may see two or three patients in the same room in the same shift. While many, after CNA training, believe that double and triple checking a patient’s armband to ensure their identity is something only nurses should have to do (after all, they are doing the dangerous work, passing meds and hanging IVs) it is just as important for you to do so as well so you don’t make a mistake in your patient’s care after CNA training. You don’t want to clean the inside of Mrs. Jones’ mouth with a swab wearing your latex gloves only to discover later that you were actually caring for Mrs. Smith, whose swollen face clearly indicates an allergy to latex.


  • Taking Other’s Words- When it comes to caring for your patient, never, NEVER, take someone else’s word for it after CNA training. Their care is too important to believe whatever you are told. Look at their care plan, consult with the nursing staff and doctors, and make sure your patients are receiving the care they actually need, instead of the care you think they might need.


Making Mistakes With Patients After CNA Training


We all make mistakes, but this job is too important to let the most important and obvious ones go unnoticed after CNA training. If you find yourself in a situation where a mistake may be made, and are unsure of how to handle it, talk to your supervisor. They will know exactly which steps to take and how to help you avoid mistakes in the future after CNA training.

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