4 Job Hunting Secrets to Know After CNA Training

cna trainingCNA Training

Looking for a job after CNA training isn’t easy. Let’s face it. Hiring managers have pretty much seen it all. They know what to look for in the best candidate before candidates even meet with them face-to-face. Because of this, those who complete CNA training have to be on top of their job hunting strategy and know exactly what they are doing.

Want to stand out from the rest of your graduating class after CNA training? Want to make sure you’re remember when it comes time for a hiring manager to make him final decision? Here are some secrets you need to know.

Stand Out After CNA Training

Impress the Robots

You may not realize it, but many big name companies, including your local hospital, are using robots, or automated screening tools to sift through the thousands of resumes they receive each month. It’s their way of saving time. If a resume can’t get past the robot, then it will likely never be seen by a human being.

If you want your resume to impress, use keywords within your resume- ones that fit your specific industry. That’s what the robots are looking for and that is what will get your resume on the desk of the actual hiring manager.

Be Consistent

What is your occupation according to your Facebook, Twitter, or even the signature on your email? Are you a CNA? Do you call yourself a personal care aide? Are you a home health aide? Whatever your title, be consistent. After CNA training, your future employers will be checking, and if you aren’t be consistent and in line with your resume, it will raise red flags about your skill level and your capabilities.

Do Your Homework

Before you apply to a hospital, nursing home, or any other medical facility, do your homework. Find out what value and ethics the medical facility has and then tailor your resume to show how you have the same ones. Commonality is important after CNA training, as it show hiring managers you’ll fit in and increases likeability.

Check Back

Haven’t heard anything from the facility you applied to after CNA training? Don’t give up hope. Some medical facilities take longer to go through resumes and determine which workers they want to hire. Others may be hesitant to call because they aren’t sure of your commitment to joining their company. Check in with them every couple of weeks after CNA training. Be polite and simply inquire about your resume and any open positions they have. Don’t be pushy or be a stalker, however, or you’re likely not going to get the job

Know the Secrets After CNA Training

Are you ready to find the job you’ve always dreamed of? After CNA training, this can be difficult if you don’t know what hiring managers are looking for. You might not be using the correct wording on your resume, or you may be rejected for something as simply as forgetting to change your job title on Twitter.

To get the most out of your time and effort, follow these tips after CNA training.

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