5 Body Signs You Can’t Ignore After CNA Training

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Even if you just completed CNA training six months ago, there’s a good chance your body is already reacting to the tough and stressful work you are doing. There might be times when you get sick and when stress takes a toll on your stomach. While a little indigestion and soreness after CNA training is annoying, you can work through it.

There are pains, aches, and troubles you shouldn’t ignore, though, unless you want to become a patient yourself!

Body Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore After CNA Training

  • Stomach Pain- Stomach pain that is persistent may be a sign that you are under too much stress, but it could be something much more serious as well. If you experience alternating diarrhea and constipation, constant indigestion, feel as if you are always full, or pain in one particular spot after CNA training, make sure to make an appointment with your doctor. Even if it isn’t anything serious, it is worth the time to check and make sure.
  • Back Pain- Sadly, a certain amount of back pain is simply a given after CNA training. However, if you begin experiencing neck pain or back pain with weakness, burning, or tingling in either your arms or legs, something is seriously wrong. This type of pain can be very scary, and you shouldn’t work until you have been evaluated by a doctor and the pain and cause has been treated.
  • Feet and Hands- Make sure to always take care of your hands and feet after CNA training. Plantar fasciitis, bone spurs, and arthritis can occur in these extremities and can prevent you from being able to perform your duties after CNA training correctly. Make sure to always wear gloves, cover any cuts, open wounds, or torn cuticles, and wash your hands as often as possible with soap and hot water. Choose shoes that have high quality orthotics to keep your feet comfortable as well when you are walking down the halls of your medical facility.
  • Headaches- Headaches can be caused by stress after CNA training, tight muscles, and many other reasons. However, they should never be ignored if you are experiencing them on a daily basis. Visit your doctor; you might need a prescription medication, a neurological workup, or just a massage.
  • Colds- If you are running a fever, have a sore throat, are coughing, and your nose is running after CNA training, don’t ignore your illness and come into work. The patients you care for often have compromised immune systems and can not handle the germs you bring into the medical facility. It may be difficult for your co-workers, but they will be able to muddle through until you feel better and aren’t quite so contagious.

Be Attentive to Your Body After CNA Training

No one likes to be in pain or feel sick, but after CNA training it is essential for you to pay close attention to these signals your body is sending. Make sure you understand what your body is telling you and don’t ignore these signs so you can stay healthy after CNA training.

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