5 CNA Training Secrets to Ensure You’ll Pass Your Exam

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Completing CNA training only takes you half of the the way to your new medical career. Now that you’ve sat through all the CNA training classes, studied, and practiced the procedures, you’ll have to successfully pass your state exam. In order to ensure you’ll do that, the first time, we’ve provided you with 5 insider tips. We’ve compiled this list after interviewing hundreds of CNA training graduates who wish they would have known these things before taking the exam. You get to reap the benefits because now you will know!

5 CNA Training Secrets – Passing the Exam

1. Memorize the Procedure Steps – “One thing I did incorrectly,” says Kim, a former CNA training student who faithfully attended every class, took notes, and studied more than most, “was the fact that I didn’t memorize the procedures in logical steps. If I would have done this I wouldn’t have been so nervous on the day of the exam and I wouldn’t have fumbled through them. Yes, I passed the hands-on portion of the CNA training exam, but it could have been a lot easier.” What does Kim mean when she advises to memorize the steps? For example, let’s say you are studying moving a patient. Step one after entering the room would be to greet the patient and to let them know what you are about to do. Step two would be to wash your hands. Step three would be to lock the wheels on their wheelchair (if they are being moved from wheelchair to bed). When you memorize the procedure in a logical order and label them in your mind, you’re so much more likely to remember them in order, and perform them with ease on the day of your exam.

2. Think Logically – No one is trying to trick you or to cause you to fail your CNA training exam. This is not a game. The questions will not be posed in a tricky manner in an attempt to confuse you. Read slowly and think it through.

3. Get a Good Night’s Sleep – Think this is a silly addition to our secrets? We assure you, it is not. It was the number three highest ranking advice given by former CNA training students. Stressing the night before or cramming until 3 am when your exam is scheduled for 9 am is a bad idea. Lack of sleep causes lack of clarity and a foggy mind. You need to be fresh and clear to pass your CNA training exam.

4. Talk it Out With Your “Dummy” – Whether you are using a live person for the hands-on portion of the exam or a dummy, don’t forget to talk through the steps. It is important that you communicate with your patient, and you can fail this portion of the exam by not going through the steps verbally.

5. Get the Right Mindset – Have you heard the saying, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right?” This certainly applies to your CNA training exam. You’ve studied, you’ve taken the necessary steps to complete your CNA training. Now it’s time to relax and do your best.

Follow the steps outlined above and you’ll have a bright future ahead of you after CNA training class!












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