5 Hidden Perks of CNA Training

cna trainingCNA Training

Enrolling in CNA training might have been the best decision you ever made in your life. There’s no doubt that this new career offers plenty of personal and professional benefits you won’t find anywhere else, like the feeling of actually making a difference in someone’s life. It can be extremely rewarding and satisfying to be a CNA.

Despite this, however, many of us often overlook the best perks that come with taking and finishing CNA training. We take them for granted and don’t realize what an impact they have made on our lives and how they have helped us conquer everyday fears.

Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Hidden Perks of CNA Training

  • No More Fear of Hospitals- Think about the way you viewed medical facilities before you graduated from CNA training. What did you feel when you walked through the doors of a hospital? You probably felt scared, nervous, and uneasy. There was a definite air of uncertainty. Now, however, you’ve been behind the scenes. These facilities are your second home.
  • Patients Don’t Scare You- Before CNA training, coming face to face with a patient that had a contagious illness or an open wound might have made your heart skip a beat. Now, though, you understand how to care for patients who are suffering, and you know how to use personal protective equipment to ensure a safe working environment.
  • The News Won’t Scare You- Turning on the news at five o’clock every evening used to be scary. You’d hear about the latest health recommendation or vaccine scare, and you wouldn’t know where to turn to learn whether or not it was actually true. Now, however, you are part of a medical team that you can turn to for real information and the facts behind these issues. You can trust in the nurses and doctors you are working with to shed some light on the latest sensationalism.
  • Doctors Won’t Scare You- Many individuals who visit a doctor’s office or hospital suffer from a very real condition known as white coat syndrome, where they have a higher blood pressure and are much more anxious when faced with seeing their doctor or nurse. After CNA training, this type of phenomenon rarely occurs in CNAs because we work with these individuals every day.
  • Making Quick Decisions- When CNA training is over and you’re working in the field, it will be up to you to make quick, informed, and trustworthy decisions that affect the lives of your patients. While you might have been a bit ‘wishy washy’ in the past, CNA training will prepare you to make these kinds of decisions in order to keep your patient healthy and safe.

Benefits of CNA Training

Think you know all the benefits of working as a certified nursing assistant? Think again. Many of the perks of graduating from CNA training are taken for granted by most CNAs and overlooked by others. Make sure you’re paying attention; you never know what benefits you’ve gained from completing CNA training.

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