5 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Patients After CNA Training

cna trainingCNA Training

When students graduate from CNA training, they enter the medical field with high hopes. They expect to experience life and death, learn new ideas and concepts, and grow as individuals and caregivers. While many of the lessons these students learn after CNA training are taught by their co-workers and supervisors in the workplace, they may not expect to find teachers in their patients.

After CNA training, there are many different types of patients you will care for. Some might be kind and loving, while others will argue with you, call you names, and make your life a bit difficult. No matter what type of patient you are caring for, however, each one will teach you a lesson. These lessons will impact your life in many ways and will often be taught without you even realizing it.

Life Lessons After CNA Training

  • Patience- Working as a CNA after CNA training requires, even demands, patience. Unfortunately, this quality must often be learned, as many CNAs aren’t simply born with the patience necessary to provide proper care. Your patients will teach you the importance and necessity of this skill.
  • Communication- When I first began working after CNA training, my communication skills were almost non-existent. I was quiet, reserved, and pretty much the definition of an introvert. Working with patients after CNA training taught me that social skills were extremely essential for my job. I had to come out of my shell to communicate with the many different patients I cared for, find out what they needed, and advocate for them.
  • Empathy- While you might not be apathetic after CNA training, chances are you might not understand what being empathetic truly means. That is, until you begin working with patients and start sharing their thoughts and feelings about life, death, and illness. Once you understand how they feel and feel it yourself, you will be able to become a better CNA.
  • History- One of the biggest benefits of working in a nursing home after CNA training for me was experiencing history through my patients. Late at night as I would help them into bed, I’d listen to stories about my hometown before I was born. I got to experience life through their eyes, during a time when life was so different. It’s a lesson I’ve never forgotten.
  • Family- I’m a big fan of country music, and when I listen to “She’s Somebody’s Hero,” I always find myself crying at the end. At the end of the song, it talks about how the mother is now in a nursing home and the daughter comes to see her all the time. She’s the envy of the nursing home and a hero to her aging mother. It’s sad, but that’s not why I cry. I cry because I experienced that song. When I worked in the nursing home after CNA training, there were many patients who didn’t have any visitors; they didn’t have family close by or family that cared. One patient, however, had a daughter who would come in every single day at lunch and at supper. She’d help her mother eat, help her get dressed for bed, and just sit and talk with her. The look on her mother’s face, and on the faces of other patients when they saw the two together was something I’ll never forget. It was the power of love and the power of family.

Hold Onto Those Life Lessons After CNA Training

You might not even realize when your patients are teaching you important lessons, but they are always there. Hold onto them, learn from them, and treasure them after CNA training.

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