5 People You Shouldn’t Discuss Work Stress With After CNA Training

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When you need support and compassion, who do you turn to? Who do you talk to when you need vent about stressful situations that occur at work after CNA training? Working as a CNA is tough enough, but it can be even more difficult if you try to do everything on your own. However, when you decide to open up to someone at work and discuss the stress in your life and in the workplace after CNA training, you have to make sure you are opening up to the right person. The wrong one could have horrible consequences.


Let’s take a look at who you shouldn’t be talking to about stress at work and why avoiding a discussion with these individuals is so important.


Discussing Stress With Coworkers After CNA Training


  • Coworkers who have been known to gossip- One of the worst mistakes you can make when you are looking for support after CNA training is opening up to a coworker that is known to be the town gossip. This almost guarantees every word you say will be heard by every CNA, nurse, doctor, and even your boss. Instead, choose a person you know you can trust with your feelings.


  • Supervisors- You should never open up and vent to a supervisor unless the situation calls for immediate help or intervention. While they may seem supportive in the moment, this information can be used against you at a later date and could cost you your job. Instead, vent to another CNA after CNA training. They will be able to commiserate with you and support you.


  • Administrators- As with your supervisors, the administrators of the medical facility you are working in after CNA training don’t really want to hear your complaints until they can be used to help create positive change in the facility. If you can’t create a better environment through your venting, your administrators will most likely just see you as a whiner with frivolous complaints.


  • The Backstabbing Coworker- Do you remember, long before CNA training, when you were in elementary school? There was always one kid on the playground that loved to push others around. Everyone feared this bully and avoided him as much as possible. Well, the playground isn’t the only place these bullies like to reside. They may also be in the workplace. Don’t trust them with your feelings; they will use them against you.


  • Your Patients- You are a professional, so keep it that way. When your patients enter your facility, they have enough problems to deal with; they don’t need the added stress of listening to your work related stress. Leave those discussions for your friends, and only vent about things when you are away from patients. When you are caring for patients after CNA training, your attitude should be positive and geared toward healing.


Be Careful Who You Open Up to After CNA Training


When you need to open up to someone after CNA training, be careful who you choose and don’t get burned. Also, remember HIPAA laws and make sure you never disclose private patient information in public areas. If you don’t have anyone to turn to, consider booking an appointment with a therapist to unload stress after CNA training.

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