5 Reasons Nurses Should Take CNA Training First

cna trainingCNA Training

So, you’ve made up your mind; you’ve finally decided how you are going to spend the rest of your life. You’re going to become a nurse. It makes sense. You loved your ninth grade biology class, the majority of your time is spent volunteering at your local nursing home, and you just have a passion for taking care of other human beings. Attending nursing school will allow you to do everything you’re already good at- while earning a paycheck to boot.

The first question you’re probably going to have to ask yourself, however, is whether or not you should jump right into nursing school or if you should attend CNA training first. While nurses who begin nursing school right away can be very successful, there is something special about the LPN or RN who powers through CNA training first and works as a CNA. Let’s take a look at the top reasons CNA training may be a beneficial beginning for you.

Attending CNA Training Before Nursing School

  • Discover if Health Care if For You- While you may have a passion for helping others, that doesn’t necessarily mean becoming a nurse is the right career path for you. You may not be ready for the responsibility of having another person’s life in your hands, and that’s okay. CNA training will allow you to get your foot in the door quickly so you can see what health care is really about.
  • Preparedness- While you’re discovering whether nursing is your destined profession, you’ll also be preparing for nursing school when you attend CNA training. You’ll have the opportunity to learn and perform basic tasks, like emptying catheters, changing patients, and attending to their perineal needs. You’ll also go through clinicals, which can help you become more comfortable with caring for patients.
  • You’ll Earn a Paycheck- Nursing school can take anywhere from one to five years to complete, depending on what acronyms you want behind your name. CNA training, however, can take less than four weeks to finish. This training will allow you to work while attending school so you can pay your bills.
  • You Can’t Get Away With it- While it would be nice if everything was as simple as 1,2,3, it isn’t always this way. Sometimes you can’t simply attend a nursing program right out of high school. Why? Because many don’t allow it. Many RN programs recognize the benefits of CNA training for nurses and now require it before they will accept students into their programs.
  • Finding a Job- When you finish CNA training and start your health care career, it will become much easier for you to find a job after CNA training. Oftentimes, medical facilities will hire CNAs who finish nursing school and have previously worked for them; they may even provide tuition reimbursement. Even if this doesn’t happen for you, working after CNA training means you have experience other freshly graduated nurses might not have.

Now is The Time to Attend CNA Training

If you’re thinking of heading to nursing school, consider making your life easier. Enroll in CNA training first.

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