5 Reasons Working in a Hospital is Better After CNA Training

cna trainingCNA Training

When you finish CNA training, the opportunity to work in almost any health care setting can be exciting, and a little confusing as well. There are almost too many options to choose from, and each one can offer unique benefits over another. While one facility may be more to your liking than another, none are necessarily a bad choice.

If you’re considering working in a hospital after CNA training, you can take advantage of a number of special features and offerings this type of environment provides. Not sure what those benefits might be? We can help you understand exactly what they are after CNA training.

Benefits of Hospitals After CNA Training

  • More Options- You may think you have too many options to choose from at the moment, but working in a hospital after CNA training can give you even more, and that’s a good thing. You’ll be able to choose what kinds of patients you want to work with, so you can find your real niche. You may want to help those in the ER, in the maternity ward, or even those in psych.
  • Less Dirty Work- There are still going to be times when you’ll have to help patients use bed pans and change adult briefs, but for the most part, working in a hospital means less of that hard, dirty work that normally comes when working in other facilities after CNA training, like nursing homes. In the hospital, you’re much more likely to spend your days changing bed linens, taking vital signs, and getting juice and ice for your patients.
  • More Hours- While some CNAs are content to work 35 to 40 hours a week in a nursing home after CNA training, others seek out more work ours and overtime pay. In many nursing homes, this isn’t possible because funding comes from government sources. Hospitals, however, are much more likely to give you the overtime you want when you need it. Most hospitals also offer more flexible shift hours. Unlike a nursing home, where you would most likely work an eight hour shift five days a week, a hospital might allow you to work four twelve hour days. This means more days off to spend with your friends and families.
  • Higher Pay- While this is not always the case, some hospitals are able to pay their CNAs a higher wage than other medical facilities. For example, according to Indeed.com, the average annual salary for a CNA working in a nursing home in California is $26,000 a year. The salary for a CNA working in a hospital in California is $31,000 a year, though, on average.
  • It’s New- When you work in a nursing home after CNA training, it’s easy to develop a routine. For the most part, you take care of the same patients, day after day, and know exactly what they need. In a hospital, things are completely different. Patients come and go, sometimes in the same day, and there’s always something new to be learned. The best part about this is that it never gets boring or monotonous, and you’re much more likely to excel in your field because you are constantly learning.

After CNA Training: Should You Work in a Hospital?

While there are plenty of options for you after CNA training, working in a hospital could be the right fit for you. Consider the benefits carefully before you make any kind of decision. This kind of health care facility could be exactly what you’re looking for after CNA training.

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