5 Simple Steps to Prepare for CNA Training

CNA TrainingCNA Training

After applying to a CNA training program, getting your TB test done, and passing your background check with flying colors, it is finally time for you to begin your CNA training. As the first day approaches, you can’t wait to get started. Your pencils are sharpened, your scrubs are ironed, and you even decided to purchase a few highlighters to help you keep track of important facts within your notes.

Are you really ready to begin your courses, though? Whether your CNA training program is one month long or a year long, pay close attention to these essential tips.

Getting Ready for CNA Training


  • Don’t Hurt Your Back- During CNA training, you are going to learn some very helpful tips on how to prevent back injuries while you are working as a CNA. Here’s one more: use a rolling backpack. Between your textbooks, supplies, notebooks, and laptop, your backpack may weight ten or twenty pounds. Placing this weight on your back is not good, so avoid it. Use a rolling bag instead and start protecting your back now.
  • Shoes- Do you remember the list of dos and don’ts your parents had to live buy when choosing shoes for your elementary gym class? At my school, the instructions stated that the shoes needed to white, comfortable and sturdy, and we needed two pairs. These concepts can be applied to the type of shoes you choose for CNA training. White shoes prevent scuff marks on hospitals floors (although many other nursing shoes are colorful and still scuff-free) and you will be standing on your feet constantly, especially during clinicals, so comfortable, sturdy shoes are a must. A spare pair of shoes will come in handy in case of mishaps, like a patient vomiting on you during CNA training clinicals.
  • Print it- If you are taking notes and saving assignment on your laptop or computer, don’t rely solely on your hard drive or USB drive to keep all of your information safe. Print it out. A hard copy could save you during CNA training.
  • Devote Yourself- CNA training involves a lot of your time because it will be providing you with the education you need for a future career. Devote yourself to it. If you need to study, don’t sacrifice your grade to spend time with the girls. There can be balance, but your career should be an important element in your life.
  • Cultivate- There’s a saying that in order to be successful, you need to surround yourself with successful people. Not everyone may understand your need to begin a new career or take CNA training, especially if you have a family or are older than the average college student. Don’t let them bring you down or discourage you from following your dreams. Surround yourself with individuals who will support you, help you, and encourage you to push forward.

Make Sure You Are Ready For CNA Training

If you have been accepted into a CNA training program, make sure you are ready. Follow these tips to prepare for your courses so you can successfully take and complete CNA training.

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