5 Sure Ways to Pass Your State Test After CNA Training

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Taking your state test after CNA training can be completely nerve-wracking. It determines your future after all and whether or not you will be able to become a certified nursing assistant. There are two basic parts to the test, the written and the skills assessment. The first is generally easier. It requires preparation, study, and attention to the little details you learned during CNA training.


The second part of the state CNA training exam, however, is much more difficult for many would-be CNAs because it involves performing three separate procedures in front of a state examiner. You will have to complete these procedures perfectly, and while the examiner will allow you to make a couple of mistakes and understands your nervousness, there are certain things you CAN NOT forget to do.


In the following article, we will offer five tips that can help you successfully pass your state skills exam after CNA training.


How to Pass Your State Exam After CNA Training


  • Hand Washing- In most cases, you will only be required to actually wash your hands one time in front of the state examiner. However, you will be required to verbally announce when you need to wash your hands during the rest of your skills test. Take a quick look at our hand washing guide for a little refresher on how to do it correctly. Make sure you follow each step, and pay attention to where your clothing and your hands are at all times. This is one area of the exam you must completely perfectly in order to pass.


  • Talk to Your Patients- In a normal medical setting, you would be required to talk to your patients about everything you are doing. While you may be working with a dummy or a volunteer CNA during your state skills exam after CNA training, you should do the same thing. Not only will this help calm your nerves, but it will help you work the steps for certain procedures out loud and make sure you are performing them correctly.


  • Don’t Throw it on the Floor- One sure way of failing your state training exam after CNA training is throwing your ‘soiled’ items on the floor. If no receptacle is available, place an open trash bag on a chair beside you. You can put your soiled items in this and bag them up to take them to the proper receptacle.


  • Admit it- If you can’t remember what step to take next, don’t be afraid to admit it. Your state examiner is going to look more favorably on you saying “I know I’m supposed to help him out of bed now, but I can’t quite remember what side I should be standing on,” than you actually trying to go ahead and perform a skill incorrectly.


  • Privacy- With many skills, your state examiner is going to be lenient after CNA training, but washing your hands and providing your patient with privacy are not one of those. Make sure to always close the curtain or door, or if none is available, simply state that this is when you would before moving on with the skill.


Passing Your State Skills Exam After CNA Training


During your state exam after CNA training, you may be nervous about performing many procedures in front of your state examiner. You don’t need to be however, if you follow these helpful tips and remember everything you learned in CNA training.

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