5 Things to Avoid if You Want Respect After CNA Training

cna trainingCNA Training

In every medical facility, there is at least one individual who is the talk of the place. It could be someone who has completed CNA training, a nurse, a doctor, or even a member of the housekeeping staff. When others see them, their voices lower to a whisper until they have passed out of earshot, their heads turn, and everyone holds their breath, just wondering what they are going to do next.



After CNA training, you don’t want this to be you. You want your coworkers and supervisors to respect you, not laugh at you or shake their head in disappointment behind your back.


Five Ways to Lose The Respect of Your Coworkers After CNA Training


So, what should you do to ensure you don’t lose your coworkers’ respect after CNA training? Avoid these hot button issues


  • If you show up late to your shift every day and leave as soon as the clock strikes quitting time, you aren’t going to impress anyone you work with. Doing this means you leave important tasks undone, you don’t give or receive a decent report on your patients, and you abandon your patients when they need you.


  • There are too many individuals who enter CNA training because they want their lives to turn into an episode of House or Scrubs. While love sometimes happens in the workplace, you shouldn’t hold the record for being in a relationship with every doctor, nurse, resident, or CNA within the first year after you have completed CNA training. If you do, your coworkers won’t be showing you any respect, they will be making jokes behind your back.


  • Nobody likes a bully, so don’t be one. If you want respect, you have to give it, even to the individuals who you outrank, which might include students, dietary staff, and housekeeping staff.


  • For some individuals who have completed CNA training, leaving all of the paperwork until the end of the shift is a habit. These CNAs are generally very disorganized, always forgetting important information, and always seem to be running behind. If you put off charting your patients’ input, output, and vital signs, you run the risk of losing the information your coworkers and supervisors need to ensure your patients are cared for correctly, and you make everyone else’s job much more difficult. If you don’t want to lose the respect of your coworkers after CNA training, stay organized and do your charting when it needs to be done.


  • When you are working in a medical facility after CNA training, be careful you don’t become an Eeyore. You know what we mean- you walk around spouting depressing comments in a monotone voice, always considering the glass to be half empty. Be like this, and you will not only lose the respect of your coworkers, but they will most likely completely avoid you so they don’t have to deal with your negative attitude.


Don’t Lose Respect After CNA Training!


You spend seven to sixteen hours a day with your coworkers; don’t do anything that could jeopardize your relationship with them! Maintain their respect by avoiding these hot button issues after CNA training.

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