5 Ways to Increase Your Pay After CNA Training

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Once you have completed your CNA training you can start applying for and taking on work. Although the Certified Nursing Assistant pay is steady and reasonable there is still room for vast improvement.

Here are a few strategies for increasing your earning potential.

Increase Your Earnings After CNA Training

1) Continue your study – Additional qualifications and certifications are a great way to broaden your career prospects in the medical field. Many people use the CNA training course as a stepping stone to other occupations such as an LPN (licensed practicing nurse) or even an RN (registered nurse). There are excellent bridging courses from the Certified Nursing Assistant qualification to both the LPN and RN courses, and students may receive credit for their prior study and on the job experience. The Medical assistant qualification and Home Aide Certification are also great ways to open up a broader range of employment opportunities.

2) Specialize – Nurses and Nursing assistants work in all fields of health and there is a perpetual need for experienced staff that specialize in any given area. Specializing in paediatrics, mental health or palliative care could increase not only your likelihood of successful employment but also your pay rate. Many employers receive tax incentives to train their staff on the job, so speaking with your employer about additional job training could result in a subsidized specialization course.

3) Relocate – Oddly, the state you live in plays a huge role in how much you get paid after your CNA training. Different states have different standard Nursing Assistant pay rates. Alaska has the top pay rate at just over $14 an hour, followed by New York and Connecticut, while Louisiana only pays $7.57 an hour and Mississippi does not pay much better. The huge differences in pay can be attributed largely to state government funding and cost of living.

4) Go Private – After your CNA training course is complete you may find yourself wondering whether you should seek work in the private or public sector. While there is certainly a much higher demand for Certified Nursing assistants in public hospitals, health centers and programs, the pay rate in private facilities tends to be higher. So if you have the opportunity, securing a private sector job after your CNA training will benefit your take home pay.

5) Change facilities – As rewarding as aged care can be, the salary offered to Certified Nursing Assistants in these facilities is substantially less than what is offered by hospitals. Because of funding allocation, some facilities are able to pay more than others. This seems to be purely for budgeting reasons as staff undergo the same CNA training, have a similar work load and a similar skill set.
Once you have completed your CNA training think about where you want to go from there. Continue your study, specialize, relocate, go private or pick a great facility. A little extra time and effort will put you ahead of the game and have you on your way to a higher salary.

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