5 Ways to Know You’ve Found the Right Workplace After CNA Training

cna trainingCNA Training

CNA training wasn’t the easiest for you, but you made it through with flying colors. Now you’ve sailed through your first interview and received a fantastic job offer as a reward for your hard work and dedication. Before you do a mid-air fist pump, however, stop for a moment and look around. Is this really the facility you want to work in?

Before accepting any job offers, no matter how enticing, consider these tips to determine if this workplace is the right one for you.

Finding the Right Workplace After CNA Training

  • Identify the Culture- When you look around, what do you see? Do you see co-workers competing for the best patients and giving each other dirty looks as they round the corner? Or do you see individuals smiling and collaborating? Before you accept a job offer after CNA training, plan to visit the facility a few times (on the sly, of course) to see what the culture is really like.
  • How’s Management- After CNA training, talk to your future co-workers before you accept a job offer. Ask them how often the DON or CNO comes around. Ask what happens when they are short-staffed, and whether the nurses or managers chip in to help. Find out how management deals with personal and technological problems. All of these questions can provide you with a good idea of how management will treat you if you decide to work in this facility after CNA training.
  • Staffing- Be sure to inquire about staffing and work schedules. Are staffing shortages a frequent problem? Are CNAs asked to work overtime often?
  • Benefits- Whether you decide to apply at nursing homes, hospitals, or adult day care centers after CNA training, always ask about the benefits provided with the position upfront. Discover if you will be given health insurance with dental, learn whether the facility will reimburse you for your CNA training expenses, and find out if any educational opportunities are offered through the medical facility (ie: whether or not they have a program that will help pay for your nursing school should you decide to obtain your LPN or RN degree.)
  • Friendships- It’s easy for CNAs to become friends with other CNAs after CNA training. After all, everyone is doing the same job. They know the rewards, the struggles, and heartaches. Friendships are often built on these shared experiences. When evaluating a new facility after CNA training, don’t just focus on these friendships. Look at the way CNAs act with others they work with. Are polite and friendly with the housekeepers? Do they joke around with the nurses? Does the charge nurse stop to ask them how their mom has been? Looking at the type of relationships that have developed across departmental lines can help you determine whether this is the type of facility you will be happy in.

Finding the Best Work Environment After CNA Training

Accepting a job offer is an important decision. While you might want to say ‘yes’ immediately to the first one after CNA training, make sure to take the time to get to know the facility first. Find out if it will be the best work environment for you after CNA training.

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