5 Ways to Make the Workday Easier After CNA Training

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Life after CNA training isn’t always easy. Sometimes it can feel like every day brings some sort of challenge. Perhaps it’s getting a co-worker to help you clean up a mess, convincing a nurse to assist you with a task that is ‘below their pay grade,’ or simply trying to convince a patient that that extra piece of fried chicken will actually harm them. These battles make your day difficult, and if persuasion isn’t your forte, it can be extremely hard to get exactly what you want out of your career after CNA training.

If you want to your career after CNA training to be as successful as possible, and each day rewarding and invigorating, understanding how to take on these challenges is essential. And even if you weren’t born with the powers of persuasion, there are a few steps you can take to ensure an easier workday.

Winning Battles After CNA Training

  • Trust in Karma- Whether you believe in Karma or not, you have to admit the idea behind it is something that can’t be ignored. After CNA training, what you put in is going to come back to you, whether good or bad. If you’re having a slow night, help a co-worker. Treat others how you want to be treated and reap the rewards of your actions later on.
  • Flattery Works- Having trouble convincing the new nurse to help you with a task that is below her pay grade. If all your co-workers are busy, she may be your only option. Don’t beg or give up. Instead, flatter her. Let her know you know she has more experience, that she is the expert. After all, you’ve only been through CNA training. She’s been through nursing school. Even if you don’t quite believe the words coming out of your mouth, convincing her you need her help is a quick way to get what you want.
  • Be an Example- Set an example for your fellow CNAs. Show them what teamwork really means every single day. If they learn how important being a part of a team really is, they will be much more likely to act like part of the team and help you when you need assistance.
  • Compromise- Letting a patient eat an extra ice cream cup when his blood sugar is currently above normal isn’t a good idea after CNA training. However, that doesn’t mean he can’t have any type of snack. Talk to his nurse and see what other options are available. Explain to him why the sugary snack isn’t ideal and compromise on another option.
  • Be Positive- The right attitude is critical when working with others after CNA training. There’s very little chance anyone will want to work with you, let alone help you in your time of need, if you’re constantly grumpy and pessimistic. Be positive and smile.

Make Your Life Easier After CNA Training

Does it seem like your work after CNA training is just too difficult? Are you having trouble getting what you want out of your career? Use these tips to ensure a positive work environment and rewarding workdays after CNA training.

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