5 Ways You Can Get Kicked Out of CNA Training

cna trainingCNA Training

You are finally ready to begin your CNA training, and you can’t wait to walk into the classroom. You’ve sharpened your pencils, purchased a few binders and loose leaf notebook paper, and even found some cute scrubs at your local scrub shop. As your first day approaches though, you can’t help but feel those pangs of anxiety and fear. What if your mind goes blank on your first test? What if you make a fool of yourself when you are doing your clinical? While you will most likely be on your best behavior for the first couple of days, what if you get a little too comfortable with your CNA training course?


When you enter CNA training, you want to make sure you pass your class and do everything possible to learn what you need to know in order to care for your patients. However, if you become too comfortable too quickly, you can easily become sloppy or even cocky towards your CNA training program. If you want to make sure you are able to take your state exam and work as a CNA, make sure you avoid these five situations that can earn you your walking papers.


Ways to be Expelled From CNA Training


Ignoring the Rules- When you first begin CNA training, your instructor will lay down a few rules and guidelines you must follow. If you are given a handbook, make sure you read and highlight these rules. If the rules are given verbally, take notes! Some common rules you must follow in order to complete your CNA training may be:


  • Never come to class while under the influence of drugs or alcohol


  • Never smoke in a nonsmoking area


  • Always arrive in appropriate clothing (for most CNA training classes this involves scrubs and white nursing shoes or sneakers)


  • Never break HIPAA by discussing a patient’s private info outside of a clinical setting



Cheating or Failing to Complete Assignments- CNA training involves both written and clinical work, and you will be expected to complete every assignment that is given to you- on your own. Don’t plagiarize or cheat. If you don’t understand something, ask your instructor; they are there to help you.


Skipping Classes- When you take CNA training, there are a certain number of hours you must complete in order to truly pass the course and be eligible for certification. If you constantly miss classes or your clinical, you will not be able to graduate. On top of this, you probably won’t be able to receive a refund and will have to pay for CNA training again.


Lack of Preparation- Before you can begin CNA training, you need to understand what is required to enter the program. You may need immunizations or a TB test. You might need to have a physical done. Some CNA programs will require you to have a flu shot before taking your clinical. Make sure you are fully prepared or you will not be able to complete your training.


Going Rogue- Clinical work is a time when you can put to use the information you have been taught. However, it is important that your teacher is present for any important procedures to ensure you are doing everything correctly and aren’t placing your patient in any harm. If you decide to do something on your own without the consent of your teacher or you step outside your scope of practice, you will find yourself quickly expelled.


Avoid Being Expelled From CNA Training


If you are ready to work as a CNA, make sure you follow the rules during CNA training, come prepared, and do every assignment you are asked to do. If you do this, you can find yourself on the path to a new career and avoid being expelled from CNA training.

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