6 Things you Weren’t Told in CNA Training

cna trainingCNA Training

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Some things can’t be taught?” After CNA training, you’ll discover this is not only true, but some of that things that can be taught, just aren’t. That’s okay, though. It’s those little discoveries and learning experiences after CNA training that help you become certain of the future you want to make for yourself. They help you appreciate the time you spend as a CNA and help you understand this new world a little better.

During CNA training, there will be a few things that they aren’t going to teach you, that you’ll simply have to learn on your own- or right here on this blog.

What you Won’t Learn During CNA Training

  • Life after CNA training requires a lot of thinking. This isn’t a job where you can simply ‘check out’ for five minutes while the boss drones on in some boring meeting. You have to stay on your toes. You have to be one step ahead of that patient who think it would be fun to memorize the door codes and take a stroll outside. You have to think, all day every day.
  •  If you want to be happy after CNA training, follow these three rules: do your best at all times, think critically, and don’t be lazy. These are the qualities of great CNAs.
  • It may be a while before someone tells you that you’re doing a good job. While we all work under a nurse, most of our work is done without much supervision. The nurse only comes when she’s actually needed. Don’t expect praise. If you’ve still got a job after CNA training, then you’re doing a good job. This doesn’t mean you aren’t appreciated; most of the healthcare team, however, is too busy to say it.
  • You’re going to be in charge of keeping a lot of secrets- under penalty of law. Make sure you’re up for the challenge before you begin working after CNA training.
  • While the CNA pay scale is decent, it isn’t as high as you might want it to be. Much of your work will be rewarded emotionally, rather than monetarily. No, this doesn’t help pay the bills, but when you’re making someone’s world a better place, it’s difficult to complain.
  • Your patients are granting you a lot of trust. They are letting you come into their lives when they are at their most vulnerable. Some may be introducing new life into the world. Some may be saying goodbye for the last time. Others may be struggling with the reality of losing their independence. Respect them for the trust they are giving you. Make them proud to have you as their CNA.

After CNA Training

You may think you’ve learned everything possible in your CNA training class, but the truth is, the lessons are just beginning. Once you become a CNA, your patients are going to truly teach you how to be a caring, compassionate caregiver. All of it is waiting for you after CNA training.

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