6 Useful Resources for Students in CNA Training

Resources For CNA Trainingcna training

Whilst CNA training is a comprehensive certification and education providers are obligated to direct you to the necessary materials to complete your training successfully, sometimes it’s nice to have a more in depth understanding of the medical and assistance principals you are about to rely on for your career.
The text book or books that you are provided with, as part of your CNA training, can vary quite considerably from education provider to education provider. It is important that you are aware of which book you will be required to use. Some facilities expect you to provide your own, some include the books in your standard fees, and some provide them to you at an additional cost.
The most popular of these books include:

  • Basic Nurse Assisting Workbook, ISBN13: 978-0721691442
  • Basic Skills for Nursing Assistants in Long Term Care (ISBN not available at this time)
  • Being a Nursing Assistant, 7th edition, ISBN13: 978-0893030193
  • Essentials for Today’s Nursing Assistant, ISBN13: 978-0130990877

Here are 6 additional resources you may not know about that can help you in your CNA training:

1.    The CNA Training Solution (Book and interactive CD ROM)- This study guide allows you to not only improve your core knowledge of the CNA course but to test yourself    and see how much information you are retaining from your classes and external study.
2.    CNA Certified Nursing Assistant Exam Cram (Paperback) – This intensive emergency last minute study guide may not help you with day to day class work but it will certainly help you out of a tricky situation towards the end of the course.
3.    CNA Exam Prep: Nurse Assistant Practice Test Questions (Paperback) – Another self-testing aide that allows you to take a look at realistic and probable questions that may arise in your written CNA training exam.
4.    Lippincott’s Textbook For Nursing Assistants: A Humanistic Approach to Caregiving (Book) – It’s not all quick fire guides to passing, this brilliant compassionate book takes a look at how to provide better care instead of adequate care and addresses concerns about emotional support for patients and ways that you may be able to assist your assigned patients better after your CNA training.
5.    Nation Nurses Union (Website) – Particularly useful for those completing CNA training that are looking to move on to LVP or RN nursing courses. This is information from the nursing industry for the nursing industry.
6.    Allnurses.com (Website) – This site has forums and stories that can assist those in CNA training to get the most out of their courses. Learn from the experiences of other CNAs and nurses. Avoid some of the pitfalls and aim for some of the highpoints that the road ahead has to offer you.
There is a wealth of knowledge to be gained from these and similar resources, but your most valuable resources will be your class teachers and the professionals that you will work with on placement. Make sure you make the most of these experienced and passionate members of the medical profession.

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