A Candid Look at Life After CNA Training – Those Annoying Nursing Home Patients

cna trainingYour Career After CNA Training

Okay, let’s be real about your career after CNA training. During the first few weeks or months of your job, you may be excited and find every day to be a new adventure. The idea of making a real difference in the quality of an individual’s life is rewarding and provides a true sense of purpose. Unfortunately, as with all new things, the honeymoon period will one day come to an end, and you may be left feeling that some parts of your daily routine have turned into annoyances. It’s okay, we can be perfectly candid here. Not every day after CNA training is going to be sunshine and roses. If you are working in an elder care facility, you’ll need to prepare yourself for some of the things nursing home patients do. If you have a realistic mental picture of what to expect, you’re far less likely to burnout or feel guilty about your emotions.

Your Career After CNA Training – Top Problems With Nursing Home Patients

CNA training should have prepared you for an extremely fast paced career as a CNA. If you’re working in a nursing home you may be in charge of up to 10 patients / residents each day. This can be overwhelming in itself, but you’ll be okay as long as you stay on schedule. Here’s where the annoyances can creep in with a bit of advice on how to deal with these situations:

  • Patients or residents who want to chat for long periods of time. Instead of brushing off your patient, try to understand that their schedule has plenty of empty time. Try to group residents who are very chatty with other residents they can visit with. This takes you off the hook, returns you to your schedule and keeps you from feeling guilty.
  • Patients or residents who are moody or depressed. Did CNA training prepare you for all the moods you’d be dealing with in your new career? Probably not. Patients moods can wreak havoc on your own if you allow it. Instead, try to keep a chipper, joyful demeanor and don’t buy in to anyone’s grumpiness. Of course, a patient may be ill mannered because they are hurting or physically ailing in some way. Be sure to rule this out first. As long as the reason isn’t medical, it’s perfectly okay to go on with your work regardless of the grumpy mood. Be sure to chart mood swings and temperments, as your RN will want to be aware.
  • Patients who are dawdlers. We all have them, right? Sweet residents who want to look through every possibility before choosing an outfit or take ten minutes to brush their teeth. Although CNA training probably didn’t prepare you for these minor annoyances, try to realize how you would feel in a nursing home. You’d probably try to keep someone around to chat with as long as possible. Take your patients through their dressing and personal hygiene at a faster pace by discussing the events they have to look forward to that day. “Let’s get dressed, Mary. Clara is waiting to play cards with you,” or something to that effect is often helpful.

Will there be annoyances in your day to day duties? Of course there will. CNA training may not prepare you but by following our simple advice, you’re sure to have a better day!

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