A Realistic Guide to a Healthier Lifestyle After CNA Training

cna trainingCNA Training

We understand; working as a CNA after CNA training requires a lot of time, focus, and effort, and when you combine this demanding, though rewarding, career with the full-time work required for caring for your family, home, and social life, there’s simply no time left for hitting the gym five days a week.

Unfortunately, when you don’t make time for a healthy lifestyle, you are actually taking time away from yourself- in years. Making changes and fitting a new lifestyle into your busy schedule may be hard, but it can be done. Start today with these tips.

Scheduling in a Healthy Lifestyle After CNA Training


  • Fruits and Veggies- We live in a world of processed foods, with advertisements on television, the radio, and in print telling us to eat this or eat that simply because doing so allows us to eat something quickly. The truth is, though, while processed foods might provide us with a quick snack, they are typically full of unwanted ingredients that can lead to obesity and health problems. After CNA training, trade that processed snack in for some fruits and veggies. A simple snack of carrots, apple slices, or fruit salad is will keep you going while adding years to your life.
  • Drinking Water- While it might seem easy to grab a can of soda from the vending machine after CNA training, it’s just as simple to drink water instead, and much healthier because it oxygenizes your cells and aids in digestion. Purchase a refillable water bottle and take it with you everywhere. Whenever you need a drink, simply fill the bottle up and go!
  • Exercise- Think you don’t have time for exercise? You don’t have to go to the gym to get a workout after CNA training. Try working your exercise routine into your day. You could do squats while blow drying your hair in the morning, park at the edge of the parking lot and power walk into the grocery store, or do sit-ups while you watch your favorite television program.
  • Sleep- With your busy lifestyle after CNA training, you may find you are sometimes lucky to get five or six hours of sleep each night. Because most experts agree that the average adult needs at least eight hours of sleep a night, you could be putting your health in harm’s way by cutting your snooze time short. Take small steps to get back on track. Start by setting your bedtime a half hour earlier each night for a week. As you get used to this time, gradually increase it until you are getting the proper night’s rest you deserve after CNA training.

Your Health is Important After CNA Training

While you work and life take a lot of your time after CNA training, there’s no excuse for not staying healthy. Use these simple tips and tricks to begin improving your lifestyle, and see the immediate changes they bring. With a few eating habit changes, some extra sleep, exercise, and plenty of water, you can add years to your life after CNA training.

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