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CNA Training Class offers information and resources about becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant.

The website provides information about where you can find free CNA classes online as well as free CNA training,  how to prepare for and take the CNA certification test, and various sample testing questions to get familiar with the CNA skills test.

Becoming a Nurse Assistant can be one of the best decisions of your life. In addition to gaining the skills and licensing that will insure life-long employment, and the opportunity to earn a very good take-home salary, working in this area of the health care industry can be one of the most rewarding and personally satisfying careers anyone can have.

As the “eyes and ears” of the nursing staff, a Nursing Assistant (sometimes referred to as a Nurses Aide, Home Healthcare Worker, or Nurse Assistant), you perform a key role in the health, safety, welfare, and comfort of your patients and charges.

A CNA’s primary responsibility is to look after and take care of their patients. Depending on the workplace and your chosen area of specialty, this can be a hospital, a nursing home or assisted-living facility, even a patient’s home. Wherever the work is, it is up to you to provide careful, professional, courteous, and dignified care to each individual.

Along with general monitoring of their well-being, you will often be responsible for taking and recording vital signs including pulse, respiration, and blood pressure, helping to feed and clothe the person, providing assistance in moving them or transporting them, and checking to make sure the nurses and doctors instructions are properly and diligently carried out.

In order to pursue this wonderful career, you will have to go through suitable training class, and take and pass the CNA exam to be licensed in your state.

This web site also provides information about the American Red Cross CNA training which is one of the best programs or courses available.  American Red Cross has chapters through the country, with a regularly updated schedule of offerings.

Please feel free to browse this web site; you’ll find valuable information about licensing, clinical and practical skills that you’ll be learning, and a number of articles on the jobs and workplaces that are available once you’ve passed your state exam.

We also encourage comments. All articles and posts are open for your comments and questions. Please keep in mind however, that we cannot monitor the site at all times, and cannot respond to every question.

Important Note: Please understand CNA Training Class is a free offering, done for the sole purpose of sharing our knowledge, experience, resources, etc. We do not offer any type of medical advice, nor are we qualified to diagnose or help with any medical or diagnostic issues. If you have medical questions, emergencies, etc., you should seek assistance from appropriately qualified professionals. CNA Training Class does not take responsibility for insuring anyone job training, job placement, assurance of licensing, or anything else outside of our control or purview.

This web site is for informational purposes only. However we encourage you to pursue continued information, training, and support through other channels.

Thanks for visiting CNA Training Class!

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