After CNA Training: 4 Reasons You Can’t Get Into Nursing School

CNA TrainingCNA Training

So, you’ve finished CNA training and have begun your new career in the health care field. As you become more accustomed to your duties, you can’t help but wonder if you are ready for the next step; if you are ready to become a nurse.

While CNA training may have prepared you for certain aspects of the health care field, it is important to understand that the duties of a nurse will be significantly different than your own after CNA training. Make sure you are ready for this new avocation before you enrol in a nursing school.

As well as being prepared for the new duties you will have as a nurse, you should also be prepared to have to fight your way into nursing school. Don’t be surprised when rejection letter after rejection letter piles in your mailbox, and don’t give up. There are a few reason this might be happening, and there are some steps you can take to change it!

Nursing School After CNA Training

  • Grades- While your grades might have been ‘good enough’ to get you through high school or college and your poor studying habits may have allowed you to slide by in CNA training, your nursing school may require more from you. If your grade point average is less than perfect, the only real solution is to go back to school and get it up! Retake your college courses and raise your GPA. This will be beneficial anyway, as it will teach you how to regulate your study habits during nursing school, which will be much more challenging.
  • Prerequisites- When you entered CNA training, the only prerequisite you might have had was a high school diploma or an entrance exam. For nursing school, the rules are much stricter. Prerequisite courses generally include Sociology, Psychology, Math, English, and Anatomy and Physiology. (By the way, these are the college courses you need an excellent GPA in.) Every nursing school requires different prerequisites, so make sure you have completed all the correct courses if you don’t want another rejection letter in the mail.
  • Testing- Do you remember when you were asked to take a competency exam before you entered CNA training? Nursing school has something similar, however, there are four different competency tests that might be used. Each nursing school is different, and may require a different test, so make sure you take all of the tests before you apply to any school or make sure to only apply to schools that access test scores you already have.
  • Applicant Overload- It is relatively easy to get into CNA training, at least compared to nursing school. While there might be a shortage of nurses around the country, getting into a nursing school is still a competitive and overwhelming challenge. If you are rejected from a school, take heart; the problem may just be too many applicants.

If you dream of furthering your health care career, reach for the stars! Don’t let rejection letters stop you. Learn how to deal with them and get into nursing school after CNA training.

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