After CNA Training: 4 Tips For Acing Your CNA Job Interview Questions

cna trainingYour Job Search After CNA Training

If you have recently finished your CNA training, you are probably looking for your first job. And, after filling out what seemed to be a million applications, you may have the opportunity to begin working in your dream position. However, there is one obstacle still standing in your way.

The dreaded interview.

For many individuals who have completed their CNA training, the first interview is intimidating and can even be terrifying. Truthfully, though, there isn’t really any reason to be nervous. If you step back and think for just a moment, you will realize that the employer is simply trying to find the best candidate for the position. With the right answers, and the right attitude, you can convince almost any employer that you are the right individual for the job.

After CNA Training – Ace Your Interview Questions

So, once you complete your CNA training, how do you shine in your first interview? Here are a few tips that will guarantee you a successful experience.

  • Display Confidence- If you are preparing for an interview, this means you have successfully completed your CNA training and earned your certification. You have obtain the knowledge and skills you need to perform your job efficiently, so there is no real reason to feel any kind of doubt at all. Be confident in your abilities and display this confidence in your interview.
  • Be Articulate- When you are trying to convince your interviewer you are the right person for the job, proper articulation and diction is important. If you have a difficult time communicating with your employer during the interview, he may doubt your ability to communicate with patients and other staff while you are working. Without proper communication skills, you may cause a patient serious harm.

Luckily, it is very easy to practice speaking clearly and correctly before your interview. Ask your family and friends to listen to you as you read or recite a speech. Have the critique your speaking abilities and offer helpful suggestions.

  • Avoid Slang- While you may use slang in your every day conversations, you should stay far away from them in your interview. These types of words give the impression that you lack motivation, self-respect, and intelligence. While this may not be true, the impression will still stick. During your interview, make sure you use the terminology you learned in your CNA training and proper grammar.
  • Research Common Questions- When you get the call for your interview, you will most likely have one or two days to prepare yourself. During this time, make an effort to research common interview questions. Ask yourself these questions and consider how you would answer each one. If you work through your answers to some of these questions before you interview even begins, you will feel much less nervous and scared when you are face to face with your interviewer.

When you are preparing for your first interview after CNA training, be sure to keep these helpful tips in mind. They will ensure you have a successful and not-so-intimidating experience. You’ve completed your CNA training…Now go land the job!

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