After CNA Training – 5 Mistakes That Will Make You Look Unprofessional

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After you’ve completed your CNA training, the first step you’re likely to be  taking is to find employment. Sounds easy right? In many cases, it’s not as simple as you’d like.

Once your CNA training class is over, nearby employers looking to hire qualified CNA training graduates are going to have their pick of 20 or more applicants (depending on the size of your CNA training class). They may scan an entire stack of job applications before choosing a couple of CNAs to bring in for an interview. This is when the little things come in handy, –the things many individuals don’t even think about when they are looking for employment after CNA training.

The following tips will help you to avoid common mistakes and get you right where you want to be, –in the interviewee seat.

After CNA Training: 5 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Application

  • Email Addresses- Most individuals who complete CNA training don’t know the importance of an email address. While or may be cute and fun, they should be reserved for sending forwards to your friends; they don’t belong on a resume or job application. Provide your employer with a professional-looking email address that includes your name, like Otherwise, your potential employer isn’t going to believe you are really serious about your career.
  • Answering Machine/Voice Mail- Everyone loves those fun voice mail and answering machine messages, right? Wrong. Remember that your first potential employer after CNA training will be calling to let you know if you have earned an interview. If you aren’t available, the last thing you want them to hear on the other end is an inappropriate message. Keep it simple; ask callers to leave their name, phone number, and brief message.
  • Proofreading- Don’t send your resume or cover letter before proofreading it. Yes, everyone makes mistakes, but you don’t want your future employer thinking you aren’t smart enough to take on the everyday tasks you learned in CNA training, like charting and recording input and output or filling out a simple accident form. If you don’t want your resume to end up in the trashcan, read it through before you send it in to check for simple mistakes.
  • The Interview- Yes, you may be fantastic on your feet, but an interview is no time to test your abilities. After you complete your CNA training, take the time to research the healthcare facilities you want to work in. Look online for a few sample interview questions, jot down a few questions you have for the interviewer, and make sure you are dressed correctly. While it may seem tedious, being prepared for your interview will show your potential employer that you have made an effort and care about obtaining the position. And, hey, if you took the time to prepare this well for the interview, you will surely make the effort to ensure you are doing your job correctly.

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Finding employment after CNA training isn’t always as easy as you might think. Sometimes, an employer’s decision is based on the littlest things. If you don’t want to be passed up for your dream position after CNA training, be sure to avoid these mistakes.

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