After CNA Training: 5 Reasons Men Are Fantastic CNAs

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13 years ago, a movie called Meet the Parents came out. While all of us laughed along with Ben Stiller, this movie was more than just a comedy for many men. It opened up a world that had previously been taboo for men- nursing. It explained why Greg had chosen his career path, and that just because he wanted to be a nurse didn’t mean he wasn’t smart enough or motivated enough to become a doctor. Quite the contrary, in fact.

Today, men are becoming more and more open to the idea of enrolling in CNA training and nursing school, and they should be. While women can certainly be excellent CNAs after CNA training, men have the ability to be exceptional as well.

How Men Excel After CNA Training

While not every man will show these qualities after CNA training, just like not every woman will, there are many who will excel after CNA training because of these built-in skills.

  • Kindness- That same basic instinct that allows men to sit aside their pride for tea with his daughter and her array of stuffed animals and spurs men to care for their female companions is the same kindness you’ll see in a male CNA after CNA training. Their kindness is especially evident with elderly patients, children, and women.
  • Way of Thinking- Women and men think differently, there’s no doubt about that. Women consider everything and use their emotions to help reach a decision. Men are more matter of fact. They see, they do, they fix. After CNA training this isn’t always necessarily the best approach, but in an emergency situation it may be just what is needed.
  • Strength- Women can be strong, no doubt. But after CNA training, if you’re looking for help lifting a 300 pound man out of a wheelchair, your first instinct is going to be asking the male CNA. This is because women tend to have strong muscles in their legs, while men have stronger muscles in their arms.
  • Reliability- While female CNAs aren’t ‘unreliable,’ they often have more personal matters to take care of than men do after CNA training. They are often the ones who are expect to care for sick children and they may become pregnant. On the other hand, many men will call in sick simply because they can’t handle a common cold. The ball is up in the air on this one.
  • Fewer Mistakes- Women have the ability to do multiple tasks at once. After CNA training, this can come in handy when there are so many tasks to finish in one eight hour shift; unfortunately, it can also be a problem. Multitasking can lead to more mistakes, which can be a big issue after CNA training. While men can multitask, most don’t. They tend to focus on one task at a time. So, they might not finish every task assigned to them after CNA training, but they will make fewer mistakes.

Are You Ready for CNA Training and Your Career?

After CNA training, you can make a big difference in the lives of your patients. Don’t let society dictate your career; male CNAs can be just as successful, if not more successful than their female counterparts after CNA training.

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