After CNA Training: 5 Things You Shouldn’t Wish For Before a Shift

cna trainingCNA Training

While most days after CNA training will be filled with lessons learned, new exciting ideas, and plenty of compassion, there are going to be some days when you just can’t ahead for trying. You’ll cross your fingers and wish for something you want incredibly bad, and instead of getting it, you get the exact opposite. On these days it can feel as if the universe has a sick sense of humor, and it’s having a ball laughing at you.

Because of this, there are a few thoughts that should never cross your mind prior to a shift after CNA training. Letting these thoughts creep into your head is just asking for trouble.

Before Your Shift After CNA Training

  • “I hope they call me off today.” Yesterday you were sent home early because there weren’t enough patients to go around. After an enjoyable evening, you can’t help but hope they call you before your shift and tell you to stay home the next day. Unfortunately, a wish like this will most likely end with you showing up to work and finding an entire unit full of new admissions.
  • “I hope they put me on call” Being on call after CNA training means you don’t have to go into work unless your nurse manager calls you and tells you that you are needed. And, most often, you get paid a minimum amount per hour just for sticking by the phone. Unfortunately, even if you get your wish and are told you are only on call, you’ll probably receive a phone call ten minutes later letting you know you’re needed.
  • “Oh, looks like it’ll be an easy night” After CNA training, if you say this statement, whether in your mind or out loud, you are asking for the worst night of your life, or at least a really busy one. Don’t be fooled by paperwork from the previous shift saying all the patients were fantastic. Don’t be fooled by a low number of patients. At the very moment you utter those words, five new admissions are coming in, Mrs. Beverly in room 232 is climbing out of bed by herself without any skid socks or shoes on, and Mr. Johnson in room 240 just realized he needs to go to the bathroom- now.
  • “I think I’ll go have fun after work” After CNA training, it is important to strike a balance between work and your personal life. You need to have fun, spend time with friends, and enjoy your life outside of the medical facility. However, you need to be careful of when you plan this fun. If you work at a nursing home after CNA training, getting off at a specific time is no big deal. If you work at a hospital after CNA training, however, you may be required to stay late if things get a little chaotic. Plan for chaos and be pleasantly surprised if you do punch the time clock at the correct time.

After CNA Training: Banish Those Thoughts

While there’s nothing wrong with hoping for a day off or a fun time after work, sometimes the universe just likes to throw a wrench in our plans just for a little giggle. The next time you begin thinking or wishing for these circumstances, be prepared for the consequences you may face after CNA training.


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