After CNA Training: Quick Tips For Pushing Your CNA Resume To Top of The Stack

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After CNA training, you may be submitting many resumes to several different medical facilities. While it may seem like you are being ignored, this generally isn’t the case. Hiring managers may have to sift through hundreds of resumes for each position and may only call in two or three individuals for an interview. Only the best resumes will catch their eye, so it important to create a resume that stands out from the rest.

Quick Tips To Get Your Resume Noticed After CNA Training

Here are five ways to increase the chance of your resume being moved to the top of the pile after CNA training.

  • Customize Your Resume For The Position- CNAs can work in many different environments, such as nursing homes, hospitals, assisted living facilities, day care centers, and home health agencies. Your resume should reflect the environment you are applying to work in. The skills needed in one may not be the same as the skills needed in another, so creating a bland, generic resume will not provide you with the boost you need to be chosen for a position. Creating a customized resume isn’t difficult. Simply add or eliminate details on your existing resume that may or may not be related to the position. Keep in mind, although you’ve just completed CNA training, you don’t have to present yourself as a complete newbie. Your life skills and proactive attitude matter just as much as your CNA training.
  • Make Sure The Important Information is At The Top- While you may spend hours crafting the perfect resume after CNA training, the unfortunate truth is that you only have a few seconds to catch your potential employer’s eye before you are passed up. Make sure all of your important information is at the very top, including a strong statement showing what you will be able to accomplish if you are hired for the position, and, of course, your name.
  • Make Your Strengths Clear and Don’t Forget Your Weaknesses- While it may seem obvious to list your strengths, you should also be clear about your weaknesses. Remember, these may be weaknesses, but they are not failures. You can also list a few goals you have set for yourself and things you want to learn after CNA training.
  • Send Your Resume To The Right Person- Simply walking into your local nursing home and dropping a resume off at the nurse’s station will not help you get your resume noticed after CNA training. This will most likely ensure you’re your resume is never seen again. Even if you are mailing or faxing the resume, it still needs to end up in the right hands. Do a little investigating and find out who will be doing the hiring at the medical facility you are applying to after CNA training. With this information in hand, you can ensure that you present your resume to the right person, and perhaps even get a little face time with your potential employer before you even hand over your resume.

If you want to obtain that perfect position after CNA training, you need to make sure your resume makes it to the top of the stack. Once your resume is noticed, you are on your way to beginning the health care career you have worked so hard for.

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