After CNA Training: A Younger Generation of Nursing Home Residents

cna trainingAfter CNA Training

As a graduate of a CNA training program, you have the knowledge to work with elderly patients. Younger residents have become a large part of the nursing home population. The younger patients are there for various reasons. Many times the patients have an illness or disability that is too difficult for the families to deal with physically or emotionally. The only other option is to enter into a long term care facility. If you have a younger generation patient, you will need to assist them differently than your elderly patients.

Your CNA Training – Dealing With Social Isolation Regardless of Age

  • Encourage Them Not to Lose Contact With Friends and Family-  It can be depressing for a younger patient not to be around residents in the same age range. If the patient is mobile, you should encourage the patient to visit family and friends and have the friends and family visit as often as possible. Tell family and friends to bring gifts, music and books for them to enjoy. Sports events, shopping and movies can help liven up the mood.
  • If You Are Around the Same Age, Try to Spend Some Time With Them- As a CNA training graduate, your patient will understand that you are working, but maybe you can spend your lunch break chatting with them for a few extra minutes. Thia small gesture will brighten their day.

Your CNA Training – Activities to Make the Patients Happy

  • Subtle Changes Can Make a Difference- Talk with management and supervisors to see if substitutions can be made with the facility’s activity schedule. Exchange a bingo night for a card night. Have pizza instead of the normal dinner. Provide access to soda instead of coffee at every meal.

CNA Training – Adjusting Care Plans to Please Your Patients

  • Allow the Patient to Be Part of the Team- Find out how the patient wants daily needs taken care of. Let the younger patient be as independent as possible. Always take into consideration the patient’s needs before proceeding.

Bridge the Gap Between Young and Old With Your CNA Training.

  • There maybe a tremendous age difference in the residents, but you should encourage them to interact with each other. The elderly may not understand anything about the latest music, and the younger generation may not care how much gas was in 1940. But, there may be some subjects that both parties can relate to. It is important to help patients learn from each other.

A CNA training course prepares you for a lot of things you will encounter in your career. You may be surprised to see how many younger generation residents are living at your workplace. The reasons vary for why the residents are there. The stay maybe temporary or permanent. If the stay is temporary, work with the patient so that a transfer can be made, either home or to another facility. If the stay is permanent, allow the resident time to adjust so you can deliver the best care.

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