After CNA Training: Answering Three Tough Interview Questions

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When you finish CNA training, the first thing you will most likely do is look for employment. There are many different jobs available for CNAs; you may want to work at hospitals, nursing homes, day care centers, or you might want to be a home health aide. The opportunities are almost endless. Once you find the job you are looking for after CNA training, however, you have to face the interview.




Interviews are nerve wracking for a lot of CNAs, and they may be for you as well. This is mostly due to the various types of questions you may or may not be prepared for. While CNA training can teach you exactly how to perform the tasks you will need to perform daily for patient care, it may not prepare you for these three tough interview questions that are commonly asked by employers.


Tough Questions in Your Interview After CNA Training


  • Tell  me about yourself- If ever you were going to be thrown for a loop, it would be with this interview question. However, it is probably the easiest question you will have to deal with in your interview after CNA training. This question gives you the opportunity to tell your employer why you took CNA training and why this career path is the best option for you. Stay focused on your CNA training and the job you are applying for when answering this question. Your employer doesn’t need or want to know about your personal life; he or she wants to know why you are a CNA, what CNA training you have had, how long you have worked as a CNA, and whether you see yourself working in the health care field years from now.


  • Why our company?- Preparation is essential when you are going in for an interview after CNA training. Do a bit of research on the agency or company you are applying to and determine what you like about the company and why you would want to work their. Perhaps your grandmother was a patient of theirs and always spoke highly of the facility. Or maybe you think their mission statement stands out in your mind. By doing a bit of research and showing the company you are invested in them will be extremely important after CNA training.


  • Have you ever worked with difficult clients? When it comes to interview questions, this may be one of the most difficult ones. You will need to be prepared with a story that allows your potential employer to see your patient care and problem solving skills, and the story need to be true. Also, even though you are interviewing for a CNA position, you still have to maintain the privacy of your past patient. Don’t say their name while you are telling the story or provide any information that could compromise their identity and privacy. You should also remember to stay focused while you are discussing the story and avoid rambling.


Answering Interview Questions After CNA Training


Answering interview questions, especially the tough three, can be difficult after CNA training, but it doesn’t have to be. Make sure to stay focused on the task at hand, maintain your patients’ privacy, be prepared, and stick to matters concerning your CNA job and CNA training.

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