After CNA Training: Are you the Bully?

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In the past, we’ve discussed what to do if you encounter a bully in the workplace after CNA training. They’re everywhere, and they can make it difficult for you to do your job easily after CNA training. But what if the bullies in the workplace aren’t around you? What if they aren’t your co-workers or your nurse manager? What if the bully is you?

It happens. Sometimes CNAs can even be both the perpetrator and the victim at the same time. It may simply depend on the situation, the co-worker, the shift you’ve been assigned to, or the manager overlooking your work. It can easily occur, especially when you’re feeling stressed after CNA training.

In order to relate to others the way you should after CNA training, you have to take an honest look at yourself and your behavior and determine if you are a bully or not. It won’t be easy, but there are some signs you should watch out for.

After CNA Training: Signs You’re a Bully

  • ¬†You refuse to speak to certain co-workers after CNA training. You might give them the silent treatment, set them up to fail by withholding information, or be curt each time you speak to them.
  • You might spend too much time monitoring the work of others and offer invalid or unwarranted criticism.
  • You may find yourself using foul language, physical or verbal abuse or innuendo, or swearing at or about those you work with.
  • You might go out of your way to humiliate a co-worker after CNA training, or you might shout or raise your voice at them.
  • You may find yourself teasing them about personal issues in their life or asking too many questions about their personal life outside of the workplace.
  • You may be involved in gossiping, giving others negative nicknames, or spreading rumors about the other CNAs you work with.
  • You might treat a fellow CNA differently than everyone else you work with or isolate them from your group of friends at work simply because they are different.

Overcoming the Bullying Image After CNA Training

If you feel like any of the above behaviors describe you, it’s time to admit that you may be the bully everyone is afraid of or avoid in your workplace. That’s okay though. The first step to overcoming this problem is admitting what is going on and knowing that you have a problem that needs to be addressed.

Once you’ve established that you are a bully, it’s time to take action. Ask for help from your co-workers and director of nursing. Let them know that you understand what you’re doing is wrong, and ask them to help you overcome it after CNA training. Ask them to call you out whenever they see or hear you doing something offensive, and make an active effort to change the bullying behavior you see in yourself. Each step you take can bring you closer to being a better CNA and less of a bully after CNA training.

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