After CNA Training: Avoid Weight Gain This Holiday

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It’s the holidays, and if you’re finally done with CNA training, you’re now able to concentrate on other important activities, like spending time with your family, and, of course, eating. During the holidays we tend to eat more. After all, if Santa hadn’t wanted you to eat that pound of chocolate, he wouldn’t have stuffed it into your stocking, would he?

The problem with this for those who have been through CNA training is that it often leads to unnecessary weight gain. This, of course, can be a major issue when it comes to your work. Excess weight can slow you down, make you more vulnerable to infections, and cause you to spend more of your paycheck on new scrubs. But how do you stay healthy and fit during the holidays after CNA training when there’s so much to eat? Here are a few ideas.

Eating Healthy After CNA Training

  • Look Around- Does it annoy you when others eat off their spouse’s or children’s plate? If so, pay attention to what you’re doing. If you do the same thing, chances are you’re annoying someone else, along with yourself. If you don’t like others doing it, don’t do it either.
  • Distract Yourself- This is quite easy to do during the holidays. With family around and the ever-present need to shop for presents after CNA training, you can easily come up with distractions that will help you avoid snacking and gaining weight. Play a board game with your kids while they’re off school, spend a night cuddling with your spouse, or even volunteer for an extra shift at the nursing home.
  • Create Some Rules- If you’re having a hard time with snacking after CNA training, try creating a few rules for yourself that you can follow easily. For instance, you may want to make it a rule that you can only snack if you’re sitting at the dining room table. If this is the case, you might be less inclined to snacking because the placement will put you away from the excitement and action. Another good rule would be that you’ll only snack on certain healthy items and only at certain times of the day. This will keep you from eating all the chocolate chip cookies you just baked.
  • Choose the Right Activities- Still having a difficult time saying no after CNA training? Take a look at what you’re doing while you snack. Then, choose to do something different. Choose an activity after CNA training that doesn’t work well with snacking, like doing the dishes, wearing teeth whitening strips, or painting your nails. These activities will ensure you simply can’t eat (at least easily.)
  • Get Enough Sleep- You might not know this, but failing to get enough sleep may be the cause of your constant snacking. If you don’t sleep well, your body may ask for an energy boost in the form of high sugar snacks. This results in cravings you just can’t seem to shake until you’re finally in bed at night.

Avoid Weight Gain During the Holidays- After CNA Training

As a CNA, you have to be healthy in order to take care of your patients. Make sure you are as healthy as possible this holiday season by avoiding snacking on unhealthy foods. This will make you feel so much better after CNA training.

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