After CNA Training: Bedside Manners

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When you were growing up, there’s no doubt your mom repeated one phrased (besides ‘stop it’) over and over again: treat others the way you would like to be treated. Now that you’ve grown up, this golden rule still applies, especially after CNA training. When you treat your patients they way you would like to be treated after CNA training, the impact is astounding. This simple act of compassion can go a long way in ensuring those you care for after CNA training have the best recovery possible from whatever illness or injury they are suffering from.

This compassion is also known as ‘bedside manners.’ When you have proper bedside manners, you improve the quality of life for your patient. The following are a few simple ideas you can take into consideration to drastically improve your bedside manner after CNA training.

Bedside Manners After CNA Training

  • The Little Things- Sometimes the little things can make all the difference after CNA training. Make sure the patient’s bedside table is clean, their covers are pulled up, their cup is full of fresh water, and they are comfortable with the temperature. Ask if they would like you to open the blinds a bit as well.
  • Learn About Them- It’s easy for CNAs to consider only the medical facts after CNA training. After all, these facts are what we base the majority of our care on. However, you need to remember that the patient in that bed beside you is a living, breathing person who has friends, a family, and a life of their own. Learn about them as a person; find out what they do for a living, how many children they have, and what their dreams are. Patients are more likely to be comfortable with their caregiver if they believe their caregiver is interested in them, not just their medical file.
  • Take the Time- After CNA training, work is often busy. Patients call you from room to room, and sometimes you feel like you’re running around like a chicken with its head cut off. This doesn’t mean you’re excused from making sure each patient has what they need after CNA training, however. Take the time to double check and ensure they have been cared for properly. While they may normally give bathes on first shift, that doesn’t always mean they got around to giving your patient one. Check to ensure your patient has been bathed, her linens have been changed, and she has been given the opportunity to brush her teeth.
  • Show Up- When the call light goes off, don’t buzz into the room to let the patient know you’ll be ‘right there’ and then not show up. They pushed that button for a reason, and ignoring it and the patient can not only hurt the patient, but cost you your job and license.

Improving Your Bedside Manner After CNA Training

Is your bedside manner lacking? Having compassion and improving the quality of life for your patients is an important part of your job description. Make it happen with these tips after CNA training.

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