After CNA Training: Burnout or Boredom?

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Over the years, you have probably heard and read a lot about burnout. In fact, this experience was even taught about in your CNA training. If it has been a while since you finished your CNA training, there’s a good chance you have even experience some degree of burnout at one point or another, even if you are working in a job you like.





Burnout After CNA Training?


Burnout is a wide term that typically involves depression, mood swings, exhaustion, and an overall dread of anything related to your work. When you have burnout, you can’t even imagine getting out of bed and going into the medical facility you are working at after CNA training, let alone actively participating in the daily tasks you are responsible for or caring for your patients. Many CNAs who experience burnout turn to unhealthy practices, like alcohol and drugs in an attempt to cope. Others recognize the symptoms they are experiencing from their CNA training and seek professional help.


Researchers have cited many different reasons that can be the cause of burnout among those who have completed CNA training, including lack of staffing, overtime, and changes in management. However, while many CNAs suffer from this issue after CNA training, it might not always be the culprit behind depression and lack of interest in your work.


You might just be bored.


That’s right. Bored. If you’ve been working in the same facility, in the same unit, for a while, everything has become routine. You aren’t surprised anymore, and you find yourself going through the motions. The thrill you once felt and the care you once had is gone. While the symptoms might feel the same as burnout, boredom is a much easier problem to fix.


Dealing With Boredom After CNA Training


If you find that you are getting bored of the work you perform day in and day out after CNA training, the answer isn’t to quit being a CNA, but just to change things up. Here are three steps you can take to alleviate your boredom.


  • Go on Vacation- Even if you can only take a few days off, a vacation away from your medical facility might be just what you need. While you are away, do your best to focus on everything except your job. It will be there when you get back. This is the time to focus on you.


  • Temporarily Relocate- If you are bored with your job, consider switching to a different specialty area of the facility for a month or two. If you work in a hospital, this will most likely be much easier to do, as there are many options. Changing from the ICU to the maternity ward may be just the break you need to do to put a smile back on your face.


  • Permanently Relocate- If you just can’t stand the thought of working in the same unit you are currently working in after CNA training, consider making the switch to a new unit permanently. Make sure to do so temporarily at first, however, to ensure you like the new tasks and are able to get along with your coworkers.



If you aren’t happy with your job after CNA training, you might think you are experiencing burnout. However, you need to take a closer look. What you might think is burnout may actually be boredom, which can easily be solved after CNA training.

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