After CNA Training – Can I Transfer My CNA License to another State?

cna trainingBy now you’ve successfully completed CNA training and you may even have several months or years of experience behind you. But now there’s a glitch in the Matrix. You’ve just discovered you have the opportunity to move out of state and you’re considering it, –but what will happen to your current CNA license? Can it be transferred to your new location or will all your hours of CNA training go to waste?

Here’s the answers to your all important question:

After CNA Training, Can I Transfer My License Credentials?

Fortunately, some states have what is called reciprocity arrangements with each other. This means that they approve the licensee from one state to meet the standards of what they would have granted. Reciprocity is the term used when you are asking the new state you are moving to, to accept your approval from the state you received your license from.

How to apply for reciprocity?

How to Request Reciprocity After Moving to a New State

First things first. You will only be eligible for reciprocity approval if:

  • You are currently Licensed, Certified, Registered or State Approved in your own state. Your license can not be currently expired.
  • You must have a clear license without findings of abuse on your records
  • You must currently have the right to work as a CNA in your own state.

Now you’re ready to request reciprocity. This means you are asking the new state to recognize your CNA training, and receive your license, transferring it to the your new location.

Just a side note, if for some reason you decide to keep your approval in both states, it is possible. The stipulation is that you must work a certain number of hours in both states and have proof in the form of a pay stub or a verification letter for both.

Action Steps to License and CNA Training Transfer

The first step in the transfer process is to contact the Nurse Aide Registry in your current state requesting an Application for Enrollment by Reciprocity. You will fill out the form according to the stated instructions and send it to the state which you are moving to.

Then contact your destination state and ask them the same thing. Be sure to inquire whether you will be required to take additional CNA training to work in your new state. How difficult is this process? Some CNA’s  have been able to fax their reciprocity request and take care of the details in a matter of days. Since every state is different, it’s important to ask the right questions, take good notes, and write down the names and extensions of the people you speak to.

CNA Training Tips – Items To Have Handy for Your Reciprocity Paperwork

Be prepared to send the following:

  • Copy of your Social Security Card
  • Copy of your drivers license (or other photo ID)
  • Copy of your present State approval
  • Copy of a recent pay stub, verification letter from your previous facility or something to document that you have worked in a nursing home in the past two years.

With the above information, you should be ready to transfer your CNA training credentials over to your new state. No one wants to waste all the hours of CNA training just to take it all again, and with reciprocity you won’t have to!

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