After CNA Training: Continued Education Information

cna trainingCNA Training

Are you excited that you have finally completed CNA training? This is an excited time. You’ve earned your certification, and now you can find employment as a CNA in a nursing home, hospital, at a home health agency, or other medical facility. While you have the knowledge to begin working, you are quite done with your education.


Federal law mandates that those who have completed CNA training must have at least twelve hours of continuing education and must work as a CNA for at least 24 hours per year. Depending on which state you live in, you may be required to complete more hours of continued CNA training. For instance, the state of California requires their CNAs to have at least 48 hours of continued education every two years. Your state nursing board will be able to provide you with information on the specific number of hours you must complete.


So, why are continued education hours so important? And where can you obtain these hours? We have the answers you need outlined in the following article.


Continued CNA Training Requirements and Locations


When you complete CNA training, you will be able to perform certain duties to help you patients with daily living. During CNA training, the details and procedures you needed to know in order to be confident in your work were taught to you. Continued education courses are necessary, however, to keep you updated on the latest procedures available and expand your current knowledge. Some of the most popular information you will learn during these continued CNA training courses can be, but aren’t limited to:


  • HIV and AIDS
  • Patient rights
  • Record documentation
  • Medical procedures
  • Patient care
  • Emotional support for your residents
  • Avoiding errors


There are many places that you can obtain the required number of hours set forth by federal law for your continued CNA training, including:


  • Hospitals- Many hospitals provide their CNAs with inservice departments, which offer continuing education to CNA work with them. When you are looking for employment after CNA training, make sure you ask whether the medical facility will be offering courses to help you complete your mandated education hours or whether you will have to find courses on your own. Other facilities, like nursing homes, sometimes offer this job benefit as well.


  • Nursing Schools- After you complete your CNA training, don’t be so quick to rush out the door. Ask your teacher about your continued education. The nursing school you attended may provide classes or your teacher may be able to help you find the courses you need.


  • Red Cross- The Red Cross offers continued CNA training that focuses on CPR and preparing for emergencies that may happen in the workplace.


  • Online Courses- While you may have to spend $20 to $30 on courses online, these classes are relatively inexpensive and can provide you with an unlimited number of education hours for the year. A few popular online courses include,,, and


Continued CNA Training: An Essential Part of Becoming a CNA


If you want to become a CNA, and stay one after CNA training, you must complete the federally and state mandated number of hours of continuing education. This will ensure you have the knowledge and skill necessary to work as a nursing assistant after CNA training.





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