After CNA Training: Dealing With Gossipers

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No matter where you decide to find a job after CNA training, you’re bound to run into a gossiper or two. Gossipers all have the same goal, no matter what their gender or age: they all want to feel more powerful by using rumors and ‘information’ against those they target. What can be the most frustrating thing to deal with after CNA training when it comes to gossip is how it is spread.

Some gossip is elusive. It may be mentioned casually or dropped as a hint. Other times a gossiper will come right out and say whatever it is they have to share with you. No matter what the choice in delivery though, gossip always does the same thing; it hurts the individual’s credibility and creates additional stress. This is the last thing you want after CNA training, right?

Many gossipers that you’ll run into after CNA training are people who are desperate for attention. They’ll act like they are seeking out your confidence, but they’ll share more about your co-workers than you actually want to know. The worst part is, the information may or may not even be real or true. If you decide to add your own thoughts to their story after CNA training, you simply give them more ammunition to share with the next person.

So, how do you address the problem of gossipers after CNA training without adding fuel to the fire?

Addressing Gossipers After CNA Training

Avoid the exchange of information- Every little bit of information you give (not related to the actual work you’re doing) comes at a price. If you respond in any way to the gossip after CNA training, the person spreading it will simply have something else to add to their story.

Deal with them- If a gossiper is causing trouble, approach them directly and let them know you aren’t interested in listening to their stories, true or not. Let them know their talk isn’t productive and can be hurtful to those they are talking about. Be polite, but be firm as well.

Ask them to clarify- When a gossiper is talking to you after CNA training, start asking them questions about what they are saying. While there may be a kernel of truth to their words, asking them specific questions will no doubt trip them up and make them want to stop talking altogether.

Be the rat- While no one likes a tattle-tale, sometimes it pays to let gossipers know that you’re willing to be one if they continue talking after CNA training. Tell them you’re going to share the information with their target and they will most likely quit talking.

Address it at a meeting- Your medical facility no doubt holds monthly or even bi-weekly meetings to help you and your fellow CNAs keep up with the latest in healthcare after CNA training. If gossip is becoming a problem at your job, talk to your nurse manager and see if the topic can be discussed at the next meeting. As the nurse manager to provide you and your co-workers with information about what gossip is, how it can hurt, and what should be done to stop it.

Stop Gossip After CNA Training

Are you tired of listening to gossip in the workplace? Stop it now with these tips after CNA training.

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