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Are you thinking about CNA training? Before you commit to a career as a CNA, you’ll want to consider the following insider information. We’ve talked to several CNA’s, listened to their praise as well as the things that frustrate them about CNA training as well as the career itself. After compiling the information we came up with the down and dirty of CNA career information.

CNA Training – Inside Information

  • Laina, a CNA training graduate who completed her training almost two years ago had this to say about her CNA training. “I completed my training at an adult education center. I have to say that I was concerned with the quality of training, since the classes were cheap and the CNA training only lasted six weeks. I was worried that I wouldn’t come out with the skills necessary for a CNA career. These concerns were completely false. Not only was the CNA training informative and professional, but the RN who taught the class had been a practicing RN, working with CNA’s for over ten years. She really helped us by giving us the “down and dirty.” She taught us how to deal with problems we might encounter on the job, like understaffing, stress, dealing with aggressive behavior from staff and patients.
  • Tanya, a recent CNA training graduate who took her classes at the local community college talked to us about her CNA training. “I didn’t have the money for CNA training so a counselor at the community college advised me to apply for a government grant through FAFSA, which I did. I was approved for a full grant, so my CNA training was completely free. The training was on point and the hands on experience was very good. The only thing I would have liked would be job placement. I still haven’t secured employment. There were over 50 students graduating at the same time, and our town is relatively small. Right now, there aren’t any openings anywhere. If I could do it differently, I would definitely place more weight on job placement than I would any other part of the CNA training.

CNA Training Graduates – Your New Career

As a CNA training graduate, you’re now ready for your new career. Yes, it will be rewarding, both financially and because of the fact that you’ll be adding value to another person’s life. Here’s a few statements and some advice about your new career as a CNA from CNA training graduates.

  • “You’ve got to have a lot of self discipline to be a nursing assistant. It’s run, run, run, all day long. You’re usually overworked, short staffed, and have to become a professional multi-tasker. If you’re a mother, you’ve probably already got that part down pat!” — Laina, CNA Allentown, PA
  • “There’s a lot of gossip that goes on. If you get with the wrong facility, it can suck the life out of you. You have to be determined to have a positive attitude right from the beginning and don’t get involved in the drama.” –Sherry, CNA Tampa, Florida

We hope this little insights will help you as you decide whether CNA training is for you!

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