After CNA Training – Getting Your Resume to the Top of the Stack

cna trainingYour Career After CNA Training

Every student’s biggest fear is the same. Time and again, when we talk to CNA training students during class time, the topic that comes up repeatedly is getting a job after CNA training. Not surprising, the conversations always sound the same with questions like, “How am I going to get a job after CNA training classes are over when I don’t have any experience as a CNA?” “What can I possibly put on my resume when I don’t have any skills yet?”

While this is a valid question and concern for anyone fresh out of CNA training, keep in mind it’s also an obstacle you would have to face regardless of the career path you choose. Even if you had successfully completed four years of college and had all that education under your belt, maybe even a couple summers of internship, your resume would still be lacking in the area of on the job experience. Guess what? It’s not that big of a deal!

For the most part, you will be competing for open positions with other CNA training graduates (also without experience) and maybe a handful of CNAs who have recently become unemployed for one reason or another. Regardless of who your competition is, here are some tips to get your resume to the top of the stack. Once you’re noticed and called in for an interview, half of the battle is over and you can usually secure your first position.

Job Hunting After CNA Training

The key to writing a compelling resume is to act like you’re selling a product. You want to be sure to touch on all of the best qualities, even some that might not be directly related to your position, but can be used to showcase your diligence, determination, problem solving skills, compassion or communication skills.

Here are some examples:

  • Highlighting Communication Skills – Have you ever been part of a group? Whether it was a focus group at your last job or a club in high school, the fact that you actively participate in communication demanding settings will help you secure a job after CNA training.
  • Highlighting Compassion – Have you volunteered for youth group at your place of worship? Maybe you’ve even mentored underclassmen in high school. This takes communication plus the necessary compassion to want to help others. Put this on your resume!
  • Highlighting Problem Solving Skills – Were you ever recognized for ideas or solutions you came up with? Have you held a position that involved customer service or dealing with others problems or complaints in any way? Don’t leave this out!
  • Highlighting Determination and Diligence – Were you involved in sports in high school? Did you run track? Ever complete a marathon? Are you an Army veteran? Believe it or not, your CNA training combined with this type of diligence, dependability and determination is exactly what a potential employer is looking for.

Using the list above, do you see how participation in a group, mentoring a student, or even something as small as holding a youth group or meeting in your home is viewed in a positive light by potential employers? Don’t leave these things out! Take your CNA training and combine it with your life skills and you’ll have a promising career before you know it!

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