After CNA Training: Habits of Successful CNAs

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Being successful after CNA training doesn’t mean you are the most popular CNA on your floor, the highest paid, or even the CNA that is chosen to train the newbies. A successful CNA is one that makes an impact on the patients he or she cares for. How do you do this? Here are a few tips you can use after CNA training.

Being Successful After CNA Training

Pay Attention to Details- Notice everything, even the smallest of details. Be the CNA who notices when a patient drips chocolate ice cream on their blanket, when the trash is overflowing, or when there’s an error on the patient’s chart. And don’t just notice these small details; take care of them quickly and efficiently, whether this means changing linens yourself or bringing up errors to your charge nurse.

Don’t Use Shortcuts- Taking shortcuts may help you save time over the course of the day, but shortcuts can also put patients at risk. Your patients are much more important than those extra few minutes you might save with a shortcut. Protect their safety after CNA training by accomplishing your tasks the way they are meant to be done.

Don’t Rush- Like shortcuts, rushing through your tasks puts your patients at risk. If you want to be successful after CNA training, avoid this at all costs. No matter how crazy your day is, taking the time to do things right will always be the best option.

Keep Learning- Continued CNA training is provided to you for a reason. It’s not just a way for you to renew your CNA license. It’s there so you can continue to learn. Keep in mind that new technology and new practices are being adopted every day in the health care field. After CNA training, it’s essential that you take the opportunity to expand your education and learn as much as possible so you can understand how to use these new ideas.

Dress for Success- Scrubs are essential in the life of a CNA, but it isn’t just what you wear, but how you wear it. Don’t show up wrinkled or in scrubs that are dirty. Take pride in how you look.

Volunteer- When shifts become available, volunteer if you can. If your DON asks you to work an hour past your regular shift, be happy to oblige. While you might not always be able to work extra hours, volunteering when you can will show others (including those who are in charge of your paycheck) that you are truly a team player and that you love what you do.

Be Timely- Show up to work on time every day. In fact, don’t be one time, be early. This will not only help you be a successful CNA, but will show your supervisors that you are committed, loyal, and hardworking.

After CNA Training: be Successful

Want to be a successful CNA? Make sure these habits are your own after CNA training.

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