After CNA Training: How and Where to Post Your Resume Online

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You’ve completed your CNA training and you’re ready to begin a rewarding career as a nursing assistant. While it may sound easy enough to get your resume together and your CNA training credentials to set out for a day of job hunting, we’ve got news for you. More and more medical facilities, especially large organizations, are only hiring through online job sites.

The Internet Alternative to CNA Training Graduate Job Search

Trust us, once you get the hang of searching online to land your first job as a CNA training graduate, you’ll be thankful you don’t have to drive from facility to facility. The internet is a much more efficient way to find your first job. You’ll immediately be aware of the requirements of the medical facility, what type of CNA training you’ll need to have, and whether they will hire a brand new CNA training graduate without experience or not. You’ll even be able to scan and upload copies of your CNA training and certification online.

If you don’t have prior experience, don’t stress,, a leading job search website, has recent CNA training graduates listed who are actively seeking employment and succeeding. One of the greatest things about this site is that you can post your resume, speak with others and find average salary information for your area, according to

While each job search website is a bit different in the way that you can post your resume, your certification, and your CNA training credentials, you can usually figure out the steps quite easily. For example, for the job search site, simply fill out the form about the type of CNA employment you would like, your salary requirements and then upload your resume straight from your computer. A benefit to the site is that you’ll receive a personalized URL to send to potential employers who would like to see it.

The site places your job requirements and resume into its database and allows employers to find you.

The Leading Job Search Sites for CNA Training Graduates

It’s always good to go with the most popular ones since they have the most employers searching them. According to PCMag, which listed the top 20 job search websites, the following are the best to upload your resume and search for CNA employment.

#1 Beyond

This site actually has two other sites attached to it: and So when you submit your resume, you are receiving the benefits of three job search sites instead of just one.

#2 CareerBuilder

This site has been around for well over a decade and has millions of visitors a month. The more exposure your resume receives the better.

#3 Monster

Everyone has heard of and that is why you should include yourself in their database. It’s also an impressive website for career information and interviewing tips.

#4 SimplyHired

When you go to this website, you’ll notice it looks a lot like but don’t let that stop you. Upload your resume and you’ll be able to also submit to five other websites automatically for free.

#5 Yahoo HotJobs

Finally, don’t forget this site since it’s the most popular one on the net. They have a special feature which allows you to see how many times your resume has been viewed. This can help out greatly since you can use the information to make your basic information more attractive to potential employers so they will want to contact you after viewing your resume and CNA training credentials.

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