After CNA Training: Is My Certification Transferable to Another State if I Move?

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You’ve received your CNA training and passed the certification exam. Now the opportunity to move out of state has come up. Was all your hard work and CNA training a waste or can your nursing credentials be transferred?

Transferring Your CNA Training Certificate to Another State

According to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, whether or not your CNA training certification is transferrable depends on your new state of residence. Some states will not require any further CNA training, while others will. In some states you’ll just need to take the certification exam for that particular state.

To find out what your new state will require of you, contact that state’s Board of Nursing Assistant Agency. This can be easily accessed online through a simple Google search.

We don’t suggest attempting to find the answer to your question online without making a call to your state’s Board of Nursing. Often, websites with CNA training information will try to provide additional information regarding certification specifics, but it may be outdated or just plain unreliable. For this reason we recommend contacting the board directly.

CNA Training & Career Questions: Contacting the Board of Nursing Assistants Directly

The National Council of State Board of Nursing also has a pdf file available on their website which is separated by state. Locate the new state you’ll be moving to and download the file available. You’ll need Acrobat Reader to open the file. Once you open it, you will find contact person’s names, business addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses for individuals you’ll need to contact. There will also be a list of certification locations, testing sites, CNA training locations and the State Board of Nursing headquarters.

CNA Training and Your New Employer

In some states, you’ll simply need to provide proof of your certification to your new employer. You can obtain this from your CNA training institute or from your previous employer. They should have a copy of your CNA training certificate and state exam information in your employee file.

Many CNA training institutes have reported that the process of recertification in a new state can take up to 3 weeks. If this is the case, your new employer may still let you  work, performing office tasks, janitorial duties, or other duties that don’t directly involve patient care. This will allow you to hold your position and earn a salary without compromising your CNA training certification by performing duties without proper credentials. Remember, even though you’re a CNA training graduate, you are not seen as a legal certified professional by that state’s Board of Nursing Assistants.

Certify Before You Move

If you don’t have employment in your new location yet, consider starting the process of transferring your certification early, even before you move. That way, by the time you do move and find employment, you’ll be able to start working directly with patients with your new state’s CNA training certification intact.

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    I have my cna from state of TN, and I wanted to know bout moving to Indiana. Is it transferable from TN to Indiana?

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