After CNA Training: Is Technology Hindering Your Work?

cna trainingCNA Training

These days, life after CNA training isn’t what it used to be. Instead of relying on paper and pens and manual equipment, technology has become an essential, and relied upon, part of the workplace. Today, you may instant message (IM) your coworkers to ask them for help in room 15A, you may email your boss when you are sick and can’t come into work, and your continued CNA training may be completed online.

While technology has helped to advance the health care practice, it can also hinder it after CNA training. When you are using machines and equipment to do your work, are your really sending the message you want, getting accurate results, and understanding what your patient needs?

How Technology May be Hindering You After CNA Training

  • IM- Instant messaging and texting might be two technologies you use almost daily after CNA training, especially if you and your co-workers have phones that utilize them. This communication tool is fast and interactive, but it doesn’t require the commitment of actually calling or having a face-to-face conversation with someone. While it might seem easy to text the housekeeper of your medical facility, “Room 30B needs towels,” it isn’t exactly as simple as that. Without vocal intonation, facial expression, and body language, the housekeep might assume that you are not just informing them of what the patient needs, but are actually upset and aggravated that they haven’t supplied the room with towels yet. This means misunderstanding can ensue, and a simple sentence in a text could be the subject of gossip on your floor for days or even weeks to come. These miscommunications disrupt patient care after CNA training.
  • Cell Phones- When you are at work after CNA training, what are you expected to do? The answer is: care for your patients. While calling your spouse or texting your friends on break is fun and even a good idea, having a cell phone constantly in your hands is not good for you. Whether you are just having fun or getting work done with your cell phone, make sure to take a break. You need to reenergize, and you need a chance to recharge; otherwise, your constant cell phone use is going to affect your productivity and the quality of care you provide after CNA training.
  • Automatic BP Cuffs- Technology has made many things easier for CNAs, nurses, and doctors, and some of that technology helps patients live. However, the automatic, battery-powered, or plug-in blood pressure cuff does not. After CNA training, using this automatic technology all the time can make it difficult for you to remember how to take a blood pressure manually when you need to. Also, these BP cuffs can be faulty, depending on battery power, age, and much more; this means you may not receive the right reading on a patient and may not be able to get them help when they need it after CNA training.

Is technology hurting your ability to work? Make sure you evaluate how you are using the technology provided to you in the workplace before use gets out of hand after CNA training.

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