After CNA Training; Is the Late Shift Right For You?

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While you were attending CNA training, you either had day time classes or evening classes. You were able to sleep all night long and led what is considered to be a normal day. As the newcomer, you will not be given your choice of what hours you want to work. Your first job may require you to work the graveyard shift. It is important that you figure out the best way to acclimate yourself to staying awake all night and sleeping during the day to stay healthy and perform your job to the best of your ability. CNA training did not prepare you for this one, it is all on you.

Gradually Change your Sleeping Habits From the CNA Training Schedule

Unless you have been told that you will be starting the graveyard shift tomorrow or the next day, you should be able to do at least a bit of adjusting so your second night will not be brutal. Usually your first night is not too much of a problem, part of the reason being you are too excited to be starting a new job, especially if you have newly completed CNA training. Try staying up three or four hours later than normal and sleeping in the same amount of time the next morning. Gradually add a few hours to either end of your sleeping until you are staying up and awake during the hours you will be working.

After CNA Training – Tell Friends and Family Your New Schedule

Unless you want someone banging on your door in the middle of your dreams, make sure everyone you know understands you are done with CNA training and your new job requires you sleep during the day. Turn off your phone and leave a message that you are asleep and put a sign on the door. After a month or so, everyone will be used to the fact you are sleeping and wait to contact you.

Change Your Eating Habits to Coincide with Work

There is some debate as to whether you should eat your big meal after you get home in the morning, or before you leave for work at night. This could be a personal preference, but if you are going to go to bed right after getting home, it might not be a good idea to have a heavy meal digesting while you sleep. Try arranging your meals the way you had them during CNA training, just moving the clock a bit. When you wake up before work, have your breakfast, get ready and go to work. Have your lunch at work. When you come home, take care of some housework, relax or run a few errands. Then eat your dinner. You will have a few more hours to relax, play a game, and watch TV or whatever you like to do in the evening. Then go to sleep.

Stick to Your new Schedule on Nonworking Days

You will find you do better and feel better if you find a schedule that works for you and stick to it. Do not try to lead a normal schedule on your days off then swap back to work schedule. You will make yourself ill. Take some advice from your CNA training, rest, nutrition, exercise and fun activities will keep you functioning at your best.

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