After CNA Training – Is There a Better Time of Year for Job Hunting?

cna trainingEmployment After CNA Training

Now that you’ve completed your CNA training, are you ready to get to work? While you may be anxious, it may be a little while longer before you actually land your new job.

Why? Here’s a little inside information. Finding a job after CNA training is much easier during certain times of the year.

If you understand the time of year that has the highest rates of CNA hiring  you’ll save yourself effort and boost your confidence when you’re able to find a new job quickly.

Time of Year CNA Training Graduates Find Jobs

If you finish your CNA training after the fall semester, take a deep sigh of relief because the winter season is one of the best times to find work. You’ll find hospitals, assisted living facilities and home care services scurry to find available CNAs.

Reasons for Rise in CNA Employment

  • Increased Illness in Patients – The winter increases the rate of illness. This causes hospitals to flood with sick people. Assisted living facilities become busy as the current workers must pick up pace to take care of ill residents. Home care service agencies also seek CNAs to help in the increase in case load needs.
  • Staff Illness – Hospital patients, assisted living residents and home care service receivers aren’t the only ones who become ill – staff does too. This means that these work settings suddenly find themselves short on care providers. To take the place of sick staff, CNA are employed at higher rates after CNA training.
  • Holiday season – The winter is holiday season, so staff desire vacation time to be with their family. They also need a break from all of the busyness of dealing with sick patients and residents. For this reason, CNA training graduates are employed to fill in empty slots wherever needed.

Summer Employment After CNA Training

The summer is another big hiring time for CNA training graduates, which is perfect since many finish their coursework in the spring. Understanding the reasons why can help direct you to the work settings that are most in need of CNAs.

  • Assisted Living Facilities – During the summer months, many employees hope to go on a long vacation. Some workers will take two weeks and that can put a huge strain on the employees that remain to take care of the residents. CNAs can greatly relieve the pressure and allow many other workers the chance to take a break as well.
  • Hospital Setting – During the summer months, people become much more active. For this reason, there’s an increase in hospital admission due to injuries. In warmer climates, people commonly suffer from heat related issues. To keep up with the inbound of hurt patients, CNAs step in to give a helping hand.
  • Home Care Services – For home care services, the needs for CNAs combine those in assisted living facilities and hospital settings. The elderly need regular check-ins and new client rates rise due to injuries. CNAs are employed to help with doing the check-ins and getting to know new clients to assess their needs and help nurses who can take on more demanding clients.

After CNA Training – CNA Jobs in the Off Season

If you’re graduating from CNA training right in time for the employment off season, don’t become discouraged. Many CNAs take additional coursework to advance in their current work place and that leaves room for newer CNAs to slide right in.

Apply to your desired work setting because you never know when they may need a CNA. If aren’t successful in landing a new job soon, you’ll know why. As a CNA training graduate, you will just have to hang tight until hiring season hits.

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