After CNA Training: Joining The Peace Corps

cna trainingCareer Choices After CNA Training

When you finish your CNA training, there will be many different job opportunities available to you. You may want to work in a hospital, for home healthcare, or in a nursing home. Whatever job you decide to undertake, you know you will be making a difference. However, if you want to make an even bigger mark in the world, you might want to consider joining the Peace Corps. This unique experience will take you places you would have never dreamed of going after CNA training, literally.

From CNA Training to The Peace Corps?

Deciding to join the Peace Corps after CNA training can be very rewarding. You will travel to different countries, helping to create better lives for other individuals. It can also be very challenging though, because you may have to be away from the ones you love for long periods at a time. Here are the basics of what you need to know when joining the Peace Corps after CNA training.

  • Education- CNA training alone will not be enough for you to obtain a volunteer position in the Peace Corps. You must also have a Bachelor’s degree in any subject, or be in the process of earning one, and experience working in the health field. Once you have filled out the application, the Peace Corps will match you with an available position suited to your existing training. They will also provide you with technical, language, and cross-cultural training so you can function efficiently in a foreign country.
  • Time- The majority of volunteer overseas positions call for a 24 to 27 commitment. Volunteers are not, however, allowed to stay overseas for longer than five years.
  • Benefits- Although as a volunteer you will not receive a weekly paycheck, that does not mean there are not benefits to working in the Peace Corps. While you are a part of this organization, you will receive a monthly check to cover the cost living and your housing. It cost nothing to join the Peace Corps after CNA training, and you will receive free travel, two vacation days for each month you serve, additional needed training to help you become fluent in a foreign language, health and dental insurance during service, and affordable health insurance for 18 months after you come home. After you have returned after 27 months of volunteer work, you will also receive transition funds for over seven thousand dollars. Volunteering in the Peace Corps after CNA training is also beneficial if you owe on student loans or are currently in college. You can receive deferment on your loans or a dismissal of part of the loans. Some colleges also allow you to gain credit for your time overseas.
  • Work- As a health professional, you will work with clinics, local government agencies, and communities to help educate individuals on common health issues like malnutrition, hygiene, public safety, and HIV/AIDs. You will work in both informal and formal settings and teach students valuable life and health skills to make their community a better place to live.

When you have completed your CNA training, consider all of your employment options. Joining the Peace Corps can help you earn the college credit you need or a leg up on your career.

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